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Stereoxide – Exclusive Live Psymedia Mix

Aural vortexes spin in harmony with each other, reflecting dark colors of pulsating beats layered with bass lines that hit hard – introducing “Stereoxide”, a Swiss based project from Jesse (MEX) and Johnny (CH), which is all about launching dancers into a multi-layered Psychedelic voyage.

Free music

SHiFt – Exclusive Psymedia Mix II

sHiFt is back with a new exclusive mix containing 11 powerful tracks. Take the 1 hour journey with the legendary Cape Town producer, containing unreleased sHiFt and Pitch Hikers bangers, collaborations with CoRupt and Priest, plus a deadly remix from Deliriant. 1 sHiFt – Contact…

Free music

Loophole – Exclusive Psymedia Mix II

A fresh exclusive mix from Loophole, containing a bunch of unreleased beats being cooked up in the studio. The 36 minute mix includes unreleased solo tracks from Loophole, a collaboration with Deliriant, two tracks with production partner ReFractor, plus a massive remix of the SHiFt…


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