FinalFlash is a two-part energetic psychedelic live act signed to Dropland Recordings, consisting of Robert J Dalton and Joshua Tallie. We’ve got an exclusive mix to share with you – Hit play and read more below:

Josh tallie has been involved with music production since 2007 and has been a DJ in the South African psy trance industry since 2008 under the alias Ninja jack, performing at some of SA’s Psytrance events such as Earthdance, Groovy troopers, PsynOptics, Vortex and many more.

Robert Dalton has been producing music for over 16 years, starting with hip-hop at the tender age of 12. Playing with organic rich and quirky sounds, fat bass lines and solid production, his experience with multiple genres molds an explosive experience. As FinalFlash they have performed alongside the likes of Earthling, KIM, Filterheads just to name a few.