Spirit Gust Festival 8.0

A breath of fresh air!

This is what comes to our mind when we make the transition from our previous edition, which was our darkest nightmare, to our upcoming edition. People say that you need to face your fears, and after what we went through in our previous edition there is nothing which can stop us. Things did go out of our hands, but we never lost the spirit. We promised not to let you down again, and here we are, finally keeping up our words.

For almost a decade, the core mission of Lyserjunks remained the same, to provide an uninterrupted dancing experience to our people. Taking the mission forward, here we are, yet again with a power packed lineup for you guys. Come indulge in the world of hi-tech psychedelia with some of the most respected artists in the community. This gathering will surely take you on a jet-speed ride.

For this edition, the space ship will be landing and taking off from the beautiful island country of Ceylon i.e., Sri Lanka. It’s time for the spirits to ascend. We heartfully invite you to this gathering, where we showcase music from top notch artists and labels, amongst lush lagoons of Lanka. Like we said, we are back, bigger, better and stronger than ever.


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