Search Festival

Search NYE Festival

SEARCH FESTIVAL — a music and arts festival that takes place for three days over New Year’s, celebrating world-class explorations in sound, art, collaboration, sustainability and friendship. It’s the search for celebration. The search for the potent amplifiers in music and friendship we know exists, and all strive for. The search for an infinite moment held in the palm of your hand. It’s the search for a dance floor that never falters. It’s the search for you, it’s the search for me.

Over the course of ten years, Search has shaped itself around independent music culture, creating an empowering environment founded on DIY principles. We always aim to create a safe, ecologically sustainable and socially conscious space for all to flourish.

Since our last festival, back when we were seeing in the New Year of 2020 (arguably the best one we’ve had), eyes glistening at the potential of this numerological reset, we were ultimately duped; instead of a new year, we got a whole pandemic. But now we’re back, and the Search-shaped hole in our hearts can once again be remedied and filled.

This festival with heart and soul (and edgy electronics) returns to Utopia, the verdant cradle of trees, river and soul situated on a farm near the quiet town of Swellendam, a two-hour drive from the city of Cape Town, South Africa.


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