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Reign Bough Fiddle 2019

june, 2019

28jun01julReign Bough Fiddle 2019Continent:North AmericaCountry:Canada


Event Details

A Spirited Outdoor Musical Adventure

The Reign Bough Fiddle is an inclusive, fun, positively inspiring music and arts festival a short drive from Edmonton, Alberta.

Come experience a friendly community atmosphere along with four epic stages of incredible electronic and live music, local art, engaging workshops, and live adventure quest games.

Our venue is a beautiful fully functioning campground with powered stalls and free water available.

The Reign Bough Fiddle draws its inspiration from an indigenous story that shares with us an optimistic vision of interpersonal and planetary unity, but not of sameness.

The story is a reminder that we are all related, and that like the colours of the rainbow, it is our individual differences that make us so beautiful.

Whether you come to this event for the community, art, games, music, or workshops, you are sure to have a great time and take away something positive which is as unique and beautiful as you are.


“A Clash of Ice and Fire”

Dragon attacks have intensified, plunging the realm into chaos. The King has gone into hiding. Two factions are compete for supremacy: the Hailstorm Clan from the north and the Children of the Sun from the south.

Each side has marched thousands of miles, following the irresistible song of twin phoenixes. Soon the legendary birds will be reborn, offering a chance for these longtime rivals to unite together and regain their ancient powers.


The festival features four themed stages with immersive environments created by experienced decoration crews; each stage has its own unique vibe, and each represents one stop in an overall journey. What this journey is you will have to discover for yourself because no two people are going to see it in exactly the same way.

The Desert Rose: Uplifting progressive house, classic & psychedelic trance, and other good vibin’ bouncy tunes

The Waystation: Amazingly groovy chill out, mid-tempo, uplifting music, and live acts.

The Tower: Electro jamz, Funky House, Drum & Bass, groovy glitch, Melodic Trap, and other earthy flavours (but still with a fun uplifting spirit!)

The Tesla: A groovy multi-genre paradise on the beach.


The days are better with adventure; complete quests and attend special events to earn fame, fortune, prizes, and a lot of fun.

This year’s adventure theme is a powerful story of loss and redemption, reunite the ancient tribes by gathering mystical rainbow gems and mending the two halves of the phoenix.


June 28 (Friday) 1:00 pm - July 1 (Monday) 1:00 pm