Esthetic Evolution Reunion

It is with very heavy hearts that we announce the cancellation of the Esthetic Evolution Reunion. We have all been excited to share music, memories and meaning-making in the meadow with you this summer, but events beyond our control have made it impossible to host the festival at Twin Springs. The situation has been dynamic and changing, and even looked promising up to a few weeks ago. But an ongoing insurance dispute at Twin Springs (not relating to our event whatsoever) means they are unable to host events for the foreseeable future. We love the meadow, Twin Springs and the whole crew there, and we’ve always known it wouldn’t be Esthetic if it wasn’t in the meadow. So we are cancelling.

We are hopeful that the situation is resolved speedily for Twin Springs and everyone involved, that financial and emotional wounds heal, and that everyone revolving around the Esthetic and Twin Springs communities can look back fondly on our many wonderful years together. We love each and every one of you, and very much intend to share space in different ways in the future, whatever that may look like. In the meantime, please hold us and each other in your thoughts.

Some folks might not know we already invested a significant amount into the festival prior to COVID-19 hitting in March of 2020. We were truly pumped about our music and art lineup. It was easily our best yet, and a real game-changer for Idaho in many ways. We decided after the pandemic hit to let many of our performers hold their deposits until the rescheduled event, knowing artists and musicians were hit particularly hard by the pandemic. We stand by this decision and love all our performers. We also had major sunk infrastructure costs related to permitting. Although we are trying to recoup deposits where possible, our core crew will likely lose a significant portion of our investment.

We intend to issue full refunds to all ticket purchasers in the first part of April and have announced more in emails to ticket purchasers. While we don’t expect anything from anyone and are prepared to absorb all costs, we have given the option of donating a portion of your refund to help in recovering losses incurred by the event. There is absolutely no pressure or judgment for folks who can’t donate. We’ve always known the risks of throwing a festival and that COVID has been hard on everyone. That said, we deeply appreciate any donations ticket holders choose to give.

While this is indeed a sad announcement and will likely bring up many bittersweet memories and feelings for all, we also remain proud of our collective accomplishments over the years. You all drove Esthetic’s growth from a couple of nights on a makeshift stage (with half our regional performers getting lost) to a gorgeous, inspiring and renowned event with stellar design, incredible sound and music, and global attendees. The enduring magic of Esthetic is firmly rooted in the environment and energy of Twin Springs and the growth and interweaving of our wider community. Whether you were there from year zero on or you only came once, we love you.


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