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We have thus far individually celebrated all the Elements of Life itself through our Echo Gatherings. EARTH-FIRE-AIR-WATER-SPIRIT-REBIRTH and finally we have arrived at ECHO “ELEMENTS OF LIFE”. These very Elements create the very beautiful Universe we all LIVE LOVE LAUGH & PLAY in. With THIS ECHO GATHERING we are going to weave all these fundamentals into one INTRINSICALLY woven celebration through music and togetherness with the EARTH beneath our feet to the glow of the spiritual FIRE in our souls where the clarity of the AIR in our lungs and the nourishment of the WATER in our bodies will come together for the love of SPIRIT in our hearts so we may all be finally REBIRTHED whole and in unity to the Celebration of this one life and planet we are blessed to be a part of…..Where we can dance beneath the sun moon and stars ,towered and protected by the majestic mountains we shall give praise to our existence with pure happiness love and gratitude.

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