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Extract Labs CBD review


We recently came across Extract Labs, a CBD company founded in Colorado by a former combat veteran, Craig Henderson.

From our experience, they provide some of the best CBD grown from high-quality American hemp. With a huge product range, we decided to test some of their top-sellers.

All the CBD products were tested for 1 month. After the 1-month period mood, sleep and troublesome areas that had pan provided some relief. Each CBD oil product is intended for a different ailment – a few were tried – so find the right one for you.

All of Extract Labs CBD products use natural ingredients. There’s no artificial coloring or flavors – which is fantastic. Some CBD brands use sup-par ingredients, but Extract Labs only use the best.

Extract Labs CBD products

To start, the first product tested was the Extract Labs CBD tincture. The standout was definitely the Extract Labs Raspberry Extra Strength CBD tincture. It easily absorbs under your tongue and the taste is quite pleasing. The extra strength dose helped with back ache and sleepless nights. The Extract Labs Banana Foster CBD tincture was great too – but came in a lower CBD dosage. This was used during the day throughout the 1 month period.

Another product that peaked curiosity is Extract Labs terpene infused, CO2-extracted full spectrum CBD Crumble or dab. It contains high levels of CBG, CBN & other cannabinoids for a strong entourage effect – so you get all the benefits of the plant. Simply smoke or vape the dab. The crumble pack includes a nice variety of different tastes to try – the best was definitely Extract Labs Grandaddy Purp CBD Crumble – delicious!

After slipping a disc a few years ago, back issues have become the norm. The Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream also features menthol for a soothing cooling effect, plus arnica, a homeopathic anti-inflammatory herb you might be familiar with from other regular muscle rubs. It rubs in easily and improved chronic neck and back pain. If this sounds like something you suffer from, or perhaps stiff muscles or joints – definitely try out this product.

Some of the other Extract Labs products not tested include CBD capsules, CBD pet range, CBD vape products and CBD bath bombs. They also sell merchandise, use lab equipment and more.


From our experience, especially in the customer support area, Extract Labs provide some of the best CBD products and service available and will assist you if need information in finding the right product for you.

All of their products have been tested by independent third-party laboratories. All of the products have a QR code which can be scanned – it was tested and worked as expected. The full lab report was pulled up.w

Even better, they believe in their product so much they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. So, if you’re not satisfied with the product you received, simply reach out the team.

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Extract Labs CBD review | The Best CBD Oil Brand In USA?
extract labs cbd review Extract Labs CBD review

Want to know if Extract Labs CBD products are good? We tried and tested several of their CBD products including tinctures, crumble and rub. Plus we rate support.

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