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Eco-friendly alternatives for things you use


Care about the environment? Or ready to make small changes? We have put together a list of some eco-friendly products to show you how easy it can be to replace the everyday products you already use. By replacing them, you can eliminate your overall waste and contribute towards benefiting the environment!

Reusable Coffee Cups

Did you know that more than 16 billion single-use paper cups are used for coffee every year? This leads to almost 7 million trees being cut down to feed our caffeine addiction. Reusable coffee cups can be used over and over, helping keep the environment cleaner.

Stainless Steel Drink Bottles

Even if you recycle the single-use water bottles that you consume, almost all of them end up in landfill instead of being recycled. A plastic bottle takes 700 years to dissolve. And when you buy a single-use water, 90% of the cost is actually for the bottle. Purchasing a stainless steel drink bottle that you can reuse will reduce your waste considerably.

Reusable earbuds

Almost 10% of cotton earbuds land up being flushed down the toilet, which can enter waterways and the ocean. It’s one of the most common items to find during beach cleanups. Switch to a reusable earbud alternative, they last hundreds of uses.

Bamboo toothbrush

Plastic toothbrushes represent 1% of the wastes in our oceans. And toothbrush brands tell us to switch to a new one 3 to 4 times a year. Every year we throw away more than 4.5 billion plastic toothbrushes! Bamboo is a more eco-friendly source and has antibacterial properties. It’s biodegradable, so once you’re done the toothbrush will easily disintegrate.

Low-flow shower head

Low flow shower heads can decrease water consumption by up to 50%! A low flow shower head not only will reduce the amount of water you use, but cut down only your monthly water expenses.

Wooden Sunglasses

Wood is an eco-friendly and sustainable material. The production and processing of wooden sunglasses requires much less energy than regular sunglasses made of steel, plastic, acetate or any other material. Plus, wooden sunglasses are beautiful!

Reusable Shopping Bags

Each year, we use an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags, which causes a lot of avoidable waste. Using reusable grocery bags is a simple way to cut down without missing out on convenience. Over time, you’ll also save money.

Reusable straws

Scientists believe there might be 437 million to 8.3 billion plastic straws on the worlds shorelines. The impact on our environment is devastating. Stainless steel straws are reusable and is highly durable, and one reusable straw can eliminate the need for hundreds of plastic ones.

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