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DynaVap Review: The best vapes available?


DynaVap is an American company that produces an innovative range of cannabis vaporizers. None of their products use a single electronic component, but is this analogue vaporizer range any good for smoking cannabis?

Since it doesn’t use a battery, it’s a great solution for outdoor solutions like music festivals, camping or even just being at home. It’s roughly the same size as a regular cigarette, which means it will fit in your pocket without a problem. A stainless-steel body makes it highly durable – you’re unlikely to break or bend this vaporizer.

The vaporizer works by filling up the internal component with dry herb and adding an external heat source to the end of the product. The fire penetrates the vaporizer, heating the plant inside to a level at which it can be vaporized in your lungs.

DynaVap has several vaporizers available, depending on your requirements and budget. Their four ranges of vaporizers include:

  • The M Range – The “M” is an affordable and portable vaporizer from DynaVap
  • Omni – Engineered to exceed every expectation you’ve ever had from Vaporizers
  • Hydravong – Carved to perfection and suitable for water pieces
  • Nonavong – Crafted to precision and tailored to adapt to water pieces

Conclusion: One of the best vaporizers

We have tested both the DynaVap 2020 M Update (budget) and DynaVap Omni (premium) range and both of them are high-quality and durable. The refreshed 2020 edition has much better airflow and a better finish. These products are built to last, and you’re unlikely to purchase another vaporizer for a long time.

The only major disadvantage with the DynaVap range is that you’ll need to have some kind of lighter available at all times in order to smoke. But that’s not very different from other methods including smoking a joint or a bong.

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