Djane Dre’Ama‘s first taste of Psytrance took place in our very own Cape Town, however her DJ career began in Johannesburg. Since 2006, Dre’Ama‘s watched the Jozi scene grow, and become a regular on outdoor lineups – known for her style of what she calls ‘banging, melodic, sexy uplifting Full On Psytrance’.

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Psymedia : Howzit Mel! To kick things off, tell me about your introduction to psychedelic trance and eventually becoming a DJ? I know you listened to other electronic styles before, what was it about Psytrance that made you want to start performing?

Dre’Ama : I lived in Cape Town for 6 years  and was eventually dragged by friends of mine to an outdoor party. I resisted heavily as I was convinced that Psy was not for me – I was very much a house / rave supporter until that day. It was an Earthdance (I think, the second one that ever took place in Cape Town) and I was hooked from the second I arrived (in high heels and a skirt, which quickly changed to bear feet and a sarong!). From that day forward I didn’t miss a single outdoor and was a local at ‘The Fix’ or ‘Getafix’ as it is better known as. I totally fell in love with this insanely beautiful music that took my heart, soul and body on a journey of blissful happiness. I knew then that being able to share this journey with people on a dance floor was something I had to do. I had been partying for years and music had always played a huge role in my life, but no music touched my soul like banging, uplifting happy sexy Full On Psy does. I decided there and then that DJing was a goal I would achieve, no matter what!

Psymedia : Was it difficult being taken seriously in the beginning as a young female?

Dre’Ama : No, not at all – I have never felt any resistance from promoters or male producers / artists in the scene because I am a female DJ. In fact, I have experienced the exact opposite, everyone has always shown me a great deal of respect and admiration being a woman behind the decks. And talking about the feminine side of things, it’s always good to have some female energy on the line up.

Psymedia : How often do people mispronounce Dre’Ama?

Dre’Ama : Let me see, about 90% of the time! As you can probably guess, people all pronounce it ‘Dreama’, aargh! After the first few parties I played at, I considered searching for a new name because nobody got it right. But I decided to keep it, as I had searched for a long time to find it, and the reason I chose Dre’Ama is because I wanted it to have meaning, a connection or association to music and it does. It means ‘Joyous music’ in Ancient Greek.

Psymedia : Tell me about being a part of the Teknotribe team and what they do?

Dre’Ama : Teknotribe wears many hats and is associated with more than just events. It is a record label, Event and Production Company, as well as a DJ collective that I am extremely proud to be part of. All of our events showcase world class lineups, the most incredible décor, booming sound and are always set in safe, comfortable, clean surroundings.  Our events strive to create the ultimate experience, from the second you arrive to the moment you are packing your tent in your car and heading off home.

Psymedia : How has the Johannesburg scene grown since you became a DJ?

Dre’Ama : The growth here in Jozi has been ridiculous! And I am so grateful for that, when I was looking at returning from Cape Town in 2006 (when I began my journey as a DJ) the scene was pretty small and I was very hesitant to return because of this, but thankfully, it is on the increase. I would say it has quadrupled since then. We have a very special scene here, it truly is like an extended family – the energy is electric, and I absolutely love being part of it.

Psymedia : What do you think Cape Town and Johannesburg could learn from each other?

Dre’Ama : That’s a tough question! I think they are working together and learning from and with one another already. For example Nick (Teknotribe / {psy.ology) and Calvin (PsynOpticz/ {psy.ology) work together on a regular basis and do events, share ideas, concepts, artists and even have an online record label together. Ben (Redeye) & Grant (Vortex) are also working together doing parties. With that said, I think the relationship of the Johannesburg and Cape Town promoters is a very healthy one, and it is really good for both of our scenes.

Psymedia : You’ve played a handful of times in Cape Town, including Jungala, Beartrap and Equinox. When can we expect you down here again?

Dre’Ama : Hopefully early next year. Nothing confirmed yet but there are talks of a Dre’Ama appearance in March sometime. I’ll keep you guys posted!

Psymedia : What can the dance floor expect from your set at Twilight Open Air Festival 2013?

Dre’Ama : I am playing a 2 hour set, which I’m really excited for. It’s going to be a journey of banging, melodic, sexy uplifting Full On Psytrance, filled with a good mix of local and international artists. Twilight is a very special event and I always find myself getting lost in the magic of the dance floor – this set will be no different! My butterflies have butterflies and I can’t wait!

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview! Hopefully we’ll check you in Cape Town soon! Anything to add before we finish off?

Dre’Ama : Thank you! I always love talking about the music that rules my heart. To all the promoters, party people and everyone that makes the scene what it is, let’s keep it real, full of happiness, banging music and camaraderie. Politics will destroy this beautiful place that is Psy!