Djane Myzo is LiliVermaak from Lisbon, Portugal. Lili’s cousin DJ Liquid Shape introduced her to the world of psytrance and before she knew it was learning her way around the decks. Five years later the decision was made to move to Cape Town to better understand South African Night Style and Twilight Full On – the psychedelic styles she particularly enjoys. In 2012 Myzo released her debut compilation entitled Super Cereal gathering tracks from her favourite Portuguese, Israeli and South African artists. Alongside Hiyarant, they perform together live as Hiyamyzo creating a contrast between male and female influences. The promising DJane is currently signed to production company Blissful, as well as record labels Disasterpeace RecordsBeyond Logic (India), and Magnetika Female Agency. Lili is without a doubt becoming a regular at our parties, so we thought it was important to get to know her a little better!

– The following questions were compiled on behalf of Psymedia by Evan Greenblo.

Psymedia: Welcome Lili! To start off – tell us a little about yourself. How did you become involved in psytrance?

Myzo: My friends and I were organizing a Halloween party and they suggested I should play and I was already curious. Also, I thought girls can do it as well or even better than men, so I decided to give it a shot. Quickly learnt how to use Tracktor but wasn’t happy about it because I am a human not a computer. So after my first party I got asked to play a few other small gigs and decided to learn properly how to mix with CDjs. So it was a big challenge in my life and I loved it from the very beginning and I cannot imagine stopping Djing ever again.

Psymedia: How did you meet Stu (Hiyarant)?

Myzo: We met for the first time in December 2009 at a party we were both playing… after a while we started to send Facebook comments to each other and after when we came back to play in Portugal I ended up going to check his set since he was and is one of my favorite trance artists. When we saw each other, we knew we belonged together and have been since then.

Psymedia: What does your DJ name Myzo mean?

Myzo: It is the name of a Manga cartoon Doll and it also means water in Japanese. I consider myself a very straight forward-person and you can read me through the music I am playing, every time I DJ alone I never prepare a set, I simply get new beats and listen to them very carefully and maybe I will DJ a bit at home but I will never play the same as I did at home… also by the crowds energy I can feel what to play.

Psymedia: Does living with another producer and DJ allow you to spend more time on creating music? I’m sure you have some very unhappy neighbours!

Myzo: To be honest with you I don’t know it depends if you have one or more studios in the house. What happens is that normally when we are not busy in the studio with Hiyamyzo then I can always DJ in the lounge while my husband makes beats in the studio. Regarding the neighbors maybe I should but i don’t really worry so much about my neighbors, I think if they would hate me they would tell me, hehe. We make loud noise during the day but we have studio monitors in the studio so we don’t need to have the volume too loud to make beats, and we don’t need to wake up the neighbors.

Psymedia: Your new compilation Super Cereal was released digital-only. Do you believe digital is the better medium today? How has the reception been? I believe you’re considering a second edition sometime later this year – tell me about that. 

Myzo: It’s not a better medium it’s simply an easier one. Nowadays almost everybody has access to an internet connection. Also it’s a more ecological one! I had many people sending me messages about the compilation I think everybody is very happy with it, and every time I go out I have dozens of people coming up to me and asking me questions and telling me about it and telling me how much they love this or that track so i believe it’s been a very good and positive reception. I am considering a second edition, who knows?

Psymedia: How is the psytrance scene in your homeland Portugal and what similarities and differences are there to South Africa?

Myzo: It’s very different… like in my country there are internationals acts at almost all the parties on Saturdays… there is one bad thing about the Portuguese psytrance scene is that everybody makes parties on top of everyone else and it is killing the scene. The promoters/organizers should do the same as they do in South Africa – get together and discuss dates,. This way every promoter gets the right crowd, every person can go out with all their friends, to the same party on the same weekend, we are not all divided and all parties with money loss….but this is a subject for long fights… Of course I miss my scene very much it’s been very difficult to be away from my Porties and my other friends…. I have Portugal and its scene always in my heart.

Another thing the venues sometimes are beautiful, some other times they aren’t, while here 90% of the time you have beautiful places with dams or rivers – but that is just the country we live in. Here the energy in the parties is like what it used to be in Portuguese scene like 4/5 years ago if not more… it’s about freedom and happiness..

Psymedia: What’s it about the full on sound that attracts you?

Myzo: I started out listening to various types of trance music and this was the style that stuck out.  I thought about this carefully before responding. Full on is an emotion. It makes me feel euphoria, laughter, tranquility, energy, need to dance and makes me feel like mixing and making people dance.

Psymedia: Any upcoming releases and collaborations? Do you work on one song at a time or multiple?

Myzo: We will be releasing a Hiyamyzo EP soon – we just haven’t made a decision. We work on multiple tracks at the same time. Sometimes after playing at an outdoor we decide to change things on the tracks, improve it, take it to a new level and sometimes we change it a lot.

Psymedia: Super Cereal features artists from South Africa, Portugal and Israel. These 3 countries have definitely created a strong bond between each other where some Portuguese and Israeli artists feel like locals. How did you decide on the track list? 

Myzo: It was very easy to compile this VA, I’ve chosen my favorites, or at least some of them, and this is why hopefully there will be a V2 of the Super Cereal so that I can fit the rest of my favorites. All of my favorite artists are my friends so it is very easy to get them all together. They come either from South Africa, Portugal or Israel, however I have to assume normally the best producers come from here, and it’s so cool to live here and get to play with them and listen to their killer beats all the time. Otherwise the Israelis that I love the most keep on coming here and Portuguese too… so I am where I need to be.

Psymedia: Tell us a little about your tattoo. What’s it all about?

Myzo: i have a few tattoos and each one has a special story… none of them that I really want to talk about.

Psymedia: Are there other genres of music you love? If you could drop a totally non-psy track at an outdoor, what would it be?

Myzo: I like grunge, rock, some electro and some chill out. Skrillex – Sick Bubblegum would be the track!

Psymedia: Thanks for the interview! Are there any upcoming releases you want the peeps to know about?

Myzo: Oh yeah. Sinful Reactions EP on Disasterpeace Records soon, also Orca and Panayota! Last but not least, Hiyamyzo, hehe. Thank you so much Psymedia for the interview and all the support you guys have been giving me (and us with Hiyamyzo) since I moved here and all the love… you guys rock!


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