Djane Ganeisha is Raquel Espanhol, from Portugal. Dj since 2003, joined the South African label Nexus Media in 2007, where she released last September her first compilation V/A Secret Transmission, gathering blasting tracks from both South African and Portuguese top artists; also belongs to the portuguese label Quest4Goa, and co-founder of the female artist agency Magnetika Agency.  Having visited our shores and played at a number of parties in Cape Town last year, we felt it was only right that we found out more about the red-haired Djane – How she started, her track selection and tricks of the trade, her South African experience, her take on female DJing, and her various side projects.

– The following questions were compiled on behalf of Psymedia by Evan Greenblo.

Psymedia: Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to chat a little. Let’s get straight into this. As a Djane, how has your music selection progressed throughout the years?

Ganeisha: It has progressed a lot I may say! In the beginning when I decided that I wanted to start DJing, I was still discovering what type of trance I could adapt to better. I started to mix more full-on morning stuff, like GMS, Spacecat, Bizarre Contact, Vibe Tribe, more commercial stuff as they say but as time passed I started to discover different projects with different types of psychedelic sounds, and that’s when I discovered Shift, Pitch Hikers, Brethren, Phyx, Tickets, and I knew that was the type of musical production that I could identify to. And so it began my music selection for more night tunes, especially South African producers and French producers like Absolum, Digital Talk and Phatmatix. I think that my music selection depends a lot on the people I have in front of me at a party. A DJ must know how to read the audience and know what they want and like to hear, and not only what we like! That´s the main ingredient for me to build a DJ set – adapt what I like to what the audience likes. As a DJ we can’t be “square” about new sounds. We have to search and listen to every type of music that appears, to search for inspiration and to know also what the audience out there likes to hear nowadays.

Psymedia: With regards to adapting your set to what the audience likes… does this happen by checking out the DJ before you and identifying what people enjoy? Do you ever find the dance floor not enjoying your song selection and completely changing everything last minute during the set?  

Ganeisha: Yes, I always try to check the artists and DJs before me so I can have an idea what type of sound I can adapt to better after their tracks and type of melody, and to also check if the crowd likes what they play. It is important to know who plays before and after you so that you can make a history and a sound flow from one DJ to another – that it’s not a big difference for the audience. So yeah, I like to listen to the artist who’s before me. It’s also bad if the DJs before you play some tracks that you want to play – people don’t like to hear the same track over and over… well at least the ones that are paying attention to the music haha!

Psymedia: You played a handful of parties in South Africa last year – The Village Gathering, Disasterpeace Halloween Festival, Zone Festival, and Groovy Troopers Mandala Project. What was the experience like playing a string of top class parties?

Ganeisha: It was AMAZING! I loved the South African parties! It was one of the best places I have played so far. Amazing people, amazing parties, great vibes, great production, great music. I can’t say anything bad about South African parties really. I felt really well in every single party, and I felt that everything was made with so much love and professionalism that it was truly a great experience, and that’s what makes South Africa one of the best places to party for sure! It’s amazing the good vibes you feel at all the parties, the amazing crowd, always jumping from the beginning to the end, you never feel a single dull moment at a party in Cape Town. And one thing that I thought was awesome was the fact that all the organizers in South Africa respect each other and help each other by promoting each other’s parties. That is something that I think should exist in every country, but unfortunately it’s really rare to see that in some countries in Europe. 

Psymedia: There’s always a complaint about one thing or another. Do you think party goers in South Africa should be more appreciative, and understand we truly have some of the best outdoor parties? 

Ganeisha: Believe me compared to many countries in Europe you truly have some of the best outdoor parties in the world and I’m not alone in this opinion! Almost every artist I know that has already played in South Africa says that it is one of the best places to play, so I truly don’t know what people complain about.

It’s normal that people who go to South African parties regularly can compare the parties over the years and start to complain about some things – that’s totally normal, but as a foreign artist, to play in Cape Town it is truly a wonderful experience, because everything is made with such professionalism and love for the movement. All the workers involved in the construction of an event work with so much love for everything that it’s impossible to not see that and not to be overwhelmed about everything. I think party goers in South Africa are appreciative about the parties really, if they weren’t, the DJs wouldn’t feel such good vibes coming from the crowd every single time. So many smiles, good energies, and love! If they transmit that to us it is because the people of South Africa really love and are thankful for having such amazing events.

Psymedia: In 2007 you co-founded Magnetika Female Artist Agency alongside Djane Tamiris. What was the purpose of creating such an agency and what are some of its achievements so far?

Ganeisha: Well the purpose is to show the multiple artistic talents in different areas such as music, design, VJ, photography and decoration from women all over the world. The idea of creating this agency came up when it became noticeable that every day exists, even more and more women choosing the artistic type of life and nobody knows of their existence – they don’t show their work and hide it. We want to show these women and their work to the world, give them the strength to keep doing it and become even better. We build the bridge between the artists and the events and labels that are interested in their works.

So far we have made great achievements by making some tours in Portugal and other countries with some of our artists (Tune Raider just recently entered our team and we are bringing her to 3 parties in Portugal and 1 in Spain for example). We began with 10 artists in 2006, and now we have almost 40 artists on our team, and that’s so rewarding for us, to see that the artists rely on our work and feel secure about their capabilities. I think the best achievement we have reached so far is to have gathered such excellent artists in one agency and to see them grow as the years go by.

Psymedia: Do you believe there is equality for women in general? What about the trance community specifically?

Ganeisha: I think there is equality in general for women in some countries, not all unfortunately and in some areas there´s still a bit of thinking that a man can do a better job. But I think only women can change that, by not being afraid of doing a man´s job! In the trance community we notice that there are more women DJing everywhere, which conveys the idea that increasingly there is a willingness of women to discover how to mix music, how is the feeling of playing in front of an audience, and I think this is amazing, because music and DJing is not without a doubt, a man´s job.

I think that women transmit another feeling when playing – both in track selection and presence on the stage. There is a greater sensitivity to everything, and I think the public feels that. Something I also noticed at an event where there are more women playing is the public feels good and are more supportive, so I guess that also transmits a feminine part of support whenever a girl is playing!

Some people say I’m feminist because I support a girl’s only agency, and only girls parties, etc, but it’s not like that. I just think it is good to be supportive when there´s still so few women showing their work in the trance community in some countries. We are sick of seeing all man line ups, bring up the ladies (hehe, just kidding!).

Psymedia: Have you ever considered toying around with production? Are there any female producers you enjoy and include in your sets?

Ganeisha: Yes of course I already learned a few things with some good friends like Photonik and some other Portuguese producers but unfortunately I don’t spend enough time in front of Cubase or Logic because I have a full day of work. I’m also an English Teacher here in Portugal, and besides that, running Magnetika Agency, producing Quest4Goa parties and other side jobs, I don’t have the time to sit in front of a computer making music as much I would love to do it! But I believe that to make music you have to give all your time, soul and inspiration to do it and when I have that I will do it for sure! It´s a work must be built with time and commitment.

Yes I like some female producers out there, and nowadays I play a lot of Iliuchina tracks. Iliuchina is an Israeli girl, her label is Spectral Records, and she also joined the Magnetika Team recently. She makes amazing music, great production, and released her EP “The Thriller” on Spectral Records last year gathering remixes from Khopat, Brain Hunters and Menog. It’s an amazing EP, and she´s now working on a track with Menog, so for sure it is going to be a killer one.

Psymedia: Thanks so much for the answers! When can we expect you to come back?

Ganeisha: Soon for sure! I have the opportunity to come in April and stay for one full month playing parties like last time, but I have some bookings in Europe for that month and in the summer here I will be making a tour alongside Tune Raider for Europe – that’s going to be fun. So now I still don’t know when I’m coming back but if not in April, for sure next summer season I will come back and I will stay maybe 2 full months touring… so let’s wait and see!


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