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Nano Records recently reached 20 000 likes on Facebook, so they decided to show some appreciation to all of their fans by posting this lekker Mix compiled by Dala. Not only is it packed with some of the best Nano releases, but it is also a free download!  Here’s to 20 000 more likes on the Nano Records page, and Dala‘s of course!


  1. Vatos Locos – Four Twenty (Earthling Rmx)
  2. Alternate Vision – Sliced
  3. Hydrophonic – Creating Life
  4. Bent Sentient – Suffocation Dividend (Broken Toy Rmx)
  5. Zen Mechanics – Disco Pixie
  6. The Commercial Hippies – Where Dreams Come From (Album Edit)
  7. Tristan – Depends on You (AMD Rmx)
  8. AMD – Galactic Family
  9. Protoculture – High Orbit
  10. Polaris – Mental Master
  11. Headroom – Welcome to the Future
  12. HemiSync – Abused Radio
  13. Master Blasters – Interconnected