Digital Talk is Julien Fougea and Luc Achintre. The iconic French Psytrance duo will be returning to our shores once again this weekend at The Village, with a monster two hour set compromised of banging, groovy twilight beats, following local legend Shift. Be sure to also check out our interview with Skarab, one of the founders of The Village, who shared his story of watching Digital Talk at Boom Festival, and other details regarding the party this weekend.

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The following questions were compiled on behalf of Psymedia by Evan Greenblo.

Psymedia : Hey Julien & Luc! To kick things off, tell me a bit about your first interaction with Psytrance culture. How did it come about? Tell me a bit about your first project, Droidsect.

Digital Talk : We attended our first rave parties in the mid 90’s. We were regularly going to massive events with different types of music like hardcore, gabber, Techno and Goa-trance. We quickly started DJing at small events here and there, but there was something missing in the music that properly reflected our taste. Not enough craziness or too much cheesiness. We always wanted to change this part or this sound. That’s how we became interested in learning how to produce our own music with a group of friends, and this is when Droidsect was born. The project was a kind of collective association – 4 guys, 2 studios, a lot of knobs tweaking, crazy ideas and a pure innocent creativity. One of our partner’s was often travelling to Goa at that time where he was promoting the music, that’s how we got lots of positive feedback and then we finally signed our first release on 3D vision Records.

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Psymedia : You’ve also briefly released some tracks under the name Psycho Talk.

Digital Talk : Yeah, that was a collaboration with Psycho Micro from Israel back in 2001. It was a very interesting fusion of genres, we started our first track called ‘The Disease’ just after the twin towers crashed, that was an epic moment. We made something like 4 tracks after that but we didn’t really go further as we were focused on our respective projects and the distance didn’t help as well.

Psymedia : Phill (Skarab) mentioned in a recent interview you will no longer produce under the name Digital Talk. Is that true? 

Luc : Hmm, that was a misunderstanding. We never really planned to stop Digital Talk, for sure we don’t have the same rhythm of production as before, as we also have other priorities but the spirit is still there!

Julien : A spirit has led me to launch a new side project this year called Stretch with a desire to bring something different than what we use to do with Digital Talk. Something a bit more unconventional and innovative where I can express my ideas freely. I’ve been collaborating on various projects for so many years and I thought it was time to reconnect with myself.

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Psymedia : He also mentioned after witnessing your set at Boom Festival he knew Digital Talk had to play at The Village. Do you ever see large festivals, such as Boom, as a place where prospective promoters come, and as a result you give the extra push and professionalism?

Julien : In terms of promotion these kind of festivals certainly have a consequent influence. Boom Festival is one of the rare places where you can find so many Psytrance acts from every country, and we’re always glad if our message comes through at these kind of events. However, on the other hand, we don’t go there looking for an extra push, it’s more about the freaky experience.

Luc : Well, I just enjoyed playing there again and didn’t think about the opportunities it might present. I’m glad Phill (Skarab) enjoyed our set! I can imagine large audience parties and festivals are a good vector to promote music.

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Psymedia : In terms of production, what are your thoughts on technical knowledge versus creativity?

Digital Talk : First, you need to forget the imperatives of production to express your creativity, which is sometimes quite difficult as you want your sounds to be tight and clean straight away. Second, to achieve your creativity you need some serious technical knowledge, as electronic music doesn’t focus only on harmonies but also a lot on sound design.

Psymedia : Do you think there’s a ‘French sound’ that has impacted the Psytrance world?

Luc : Some pioneers like Total Eclipse, Transwave and Absolum, to name a few, have of course inspired a lot trance producers around the world.

Julien : Today it’s hard to define a typical ‘French sound’ as we have a high variety of Psytrance projects now, but I think what comes out from here is quite interesting, especially from Hadra Records who promote a lot of new french acts through their label and festivals.

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Psymedia : I believe you’ve visited South Africa before. What are your thoughts on our psychedelic scene, and the music that comes out of South Africa?

Luc : I really love the freaky twisting style of South African Psytrance!

Julien : I’ve been to Cape Town twice before and I’m always satisfied with the quality of the events and the response of the crowd. In terms of the music I must admit that we’ve been influenced heavily by South African artists, especially Shift. He was one of the first to blow my mind 10 years back, and of course some others like Phyx, Twisted System, Rabdom L, Artifakt and Xatrik. In my opinion they have all developed a very unique trademark that we can call the ‘South African sound’.

Psymedia : What can the dance floor expect from your LIVE and DJ set?

Luc : Madness and psychoactive travels.

Julien : Serious brain damage! Nah, just kidding. I guess a big part of our inner soul mixed on top of strong beats – the rest is to be discovered!

Psymedia : Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

Julien : My first Stretch EP will be out on Timecode Records very soon and another track will follow on the next Timecode compilation.

Luc : We’re also planning a Digital Talk EP on Hadra Records this year.

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Psymedia : Thanks for the interview. See you at The Village! Any last words before we end off?

Digital Talk : Thanks for connecting with us and letting us drop few words, very excited to be at The Village next Saturday, and of course a big up to all our supporters!