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Deliriant – DreamStream Live Set

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Deliriant is back with a fresh 1 hour live mix, showcasing everything he’s been up to in studio over the past couple of months. The mix was performed on Howler’s Dream Stream event, which raised over R500000 for SAFE, a non profit organization providing relief to workers in the entertainment industry.

Track list:

1. Killerwatts – we are psychedelic (Deliriant remix)
2. Deliriant – the system
3. Deliriant – art attack
4. The prodigy – smack my bitch up (Deliriant remix)
5. Electrypnose – atacama (Deliriant remix)
6. Technicolor – mission objective
7. Shift – tunnel vision (Deliriant remix)
8. Deliriant – flapjacks
9. Liquid soul – global illumination (Deliriant remix)

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