When the Quantize duo decided to re-emerge with their individual projects in 2010, very little was known about the direction these two progressive masters would take. Within months of putting the project on hold, we were introduced to two new names in the scene – Captain Hook and D-Addiction. Adi Ashkenazi is the man behind the latter project, and after five years, numerous releases and performances around the globe, he’s ready to release his debut album on well-respected South African label Nano Records.

Psymedia : Shalom Adi! To kick things off, tell me about your introduction to trance. How did it come about?

D-Addiction : It all started at the age of 11 while I was living in Belgium. It was pretty boring during the nights and I found myself searching the radio. I came across this special late show that played electronic dance music, but not the stuff I was used to hearing. From that point I was hooked, and began recording every show on tape cassettes, trying to record whilst the anchors weren’t talking [laughs]. So you can say it started back then with the more commercial stuff rather than Psytrance. However in 1997, I returned to live in Israel, when the Psytrance scene really started to take off. I was then taken to my first Psytrance party, and from that day I never stopped. At first I was shocked and tried to understand what was going. It was so intriguing – all these people I had never seen before, who all had a different lifestyle and look from what I knew. Everything was new and magical. It had a huge impact on me.

Psymedia : What is more important to you as an influence – other music you listen to or your own personal experiences? How are both these elements captured in your music? Where do you get your motivation and inspiration from for starting a track?

D-Addiction : For me, I’d say it’s more the experiences I go through that push and direct me towards different ideas and vibes that are then translated into music. I love to travel and explore with my music. It usually begins with a personal experiences – whether good or bad. Either way, it’s always expressed in my music.

In terms of starting the track, that varies. It can be a melody I have in my mind, something I have dreamt about or even a movie I watched that inspired me. There are so many things that have given me the drive to start a track. I can’t point my finger on anything specific. In the end, I get my motivation from whatever is around me.

Psymedia : Is it safe to say the Quantize project is dead? Now that you have your own respective solo projects, is there a chance of releasing some new material?

D-Addiction : Dead is as bit harsh, I’d say [laughs]. But right now, it is true, I am investing all my time and energy into the D-Addiction project. But you never know what the future will bring!

Psymedia : You mentioned you’re busy putting the finishing touches on your album. Can you tell me a bit about it? How long has it been in the works? When is it time to decide the album is ‘finished’?

D-Addiction : [Laughs] With us artists, it is never finished! I think if we could delay our releases forever, we would do it! I started the album last year, even though I wasn’t planning one. I was touring Brazil for a month, and had time to visit some great friends making some music while there. After one month of touring, and 3 new tunes, I realized I have something I’m really happy with, and decided it’s time for the album. That was in February last year. I have been working on it since then, but now it’s time to announce the album is ready and mastered. It will be released this coming May on Nano Records.

Psymedia : You mentioned collaborations whilst in Brazil and have worked with several other artists. Will they feature on the album? What makes a good collaborator?

D-Addiction : Yes, of course! However I won’t reveal the list here, but you can count on some very interesting collaborations on the album. The first thing, and most important aspect of a good collaborator is someone you feel comfortable with. I think the personal connection is ultra-important, for both artists to get in sync while making music and getting all those ideas from two brains onto one track.

Psymedia : With the decreasing sales in every genre of music, is it a scary though for you as an artist? Do you think artists simply need to adapt and evolve?

D-Addiction : I don’t believe in being scared! I think there are no rules within the industry, there is no way you can predict the change or know what’s going to come next. That’s what also makes it so special. In terms of sales, it’s nothing new. I think artists should just follow their heart and minds.

Psymedia : You’ve been with Nano for some time now. What’s it like working with them? What makes a good label?

D-Addiction : I am loving every minute of it. I have had the pleasure of working with many labels, but I think I have found my home. I think Nano Records has a different approach to the business and to life in general. That makes our label more like a big family. For me, a good label is not there just to promote, release and book events. I think we sometimes forget we are doing music, something to make people happy, dance and enjoy. Nano is definitely there for the music first. Besides that, I think a good record label is there to support and guide the artist through their path. This is not done only by making releases or promotion. I think the personal relation and feedback is just as important as all the other roles a label has.

Psymedia : This won’t be your first time in South Africa. What makes it a special for your to visit?

D-Addiction : I’m proud to say South Africa is one of my most favourite spots. I only have good memories and experiences from South Africa. The country and scene have a special place in my heart. First experiencing the Eclipse Festival (Alien Safari, Vortex and Etnic collaboration) in 2002 near the Kruger National Park, which was one of the best festivals I have ever been to. That really blew my mind. What made it special for me is the crazy vibes going down on the dance floor, seeing people full on into the music, dancing whether it’s sunny, raining or muddy. That’s definitely one of the things that makes it special, the people that attend the events there. Plus you just have to look outside at the view – how can you not love the place?

Psymedia : Any other upcoming releases you want to mention?

D-Addiction : Yes, sure. I have two singles from my debut coming out in March and April. The album, as mentioned earlier, will be released in May. They will all be out on Nano Records.

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview, see you at Alien Safari Masqued Ball 2015! Anything to add before we finish off?

D-Addiction : Rock on!