We’ve got a double interview today with two of Nexus Media‘s latest projects. D-sciple (formerly Depsypil), is Dane Stirrat, whose had success DJing Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Breakbeat [among other genres] under the moniker Dublusion. Secondly we’ve got Kriss-Kross, a duo made up of Chris Hansen and Ross Moore. Both projects are fresh new Cape Town talent playing Progressive Psytrance that we’re sure will make a huge impact this outdoor season.

Psymedia : How were you introduced to Psytrance?

D-sciple : I was introduced to Psytrance back in 2009 when I attended my first Earthdance. I went to support some friends who were playing on the Red Bull stage and didn’t actually think twice about the Psytrance stage. Cut a long story short I ended up acquiring a large curiosity for the genre and it grew on me very quickly.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/103100172″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Kriss-Kross : We were both quite young when we discovered this new thing called ‘trance’. We were both introduced by close friends and through that we met each other at Lockdown 5. Initially not on the best of terms but eventually we became the best of friends. We started going to loads of parties together and eventually we both started leaning towards the DJing side of things. When that wasn’t satisfying enough and we wanted to have full control of a dance floor with our own tracks, we then decided to start experimenting with production and formed Kriss-Kross last year. Since then we have never looked back.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/104387917″ params=”color=00f8ff&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Psymedia : How did you get in contact with Nexus Media [and sign to the label]?

D-sciple : I actually started doing one-on-one production lessons with Chris (Shift/Nexus Media co-owner) just to clean a few things up and speed up my work flow. I would then go home, work on a track and present it to him the following week. He would always be honest and tell me what he didn’t like, what needed adjusting and what was lekker! That is one reason why I kept going back to him with my tracks, simply because he didn’t beat around the bush, he was honest and it saved a lot of time. He liked the stuff I was producing and asked me to release an EP with Nexus Media. Such a focal point in my production career as of yet. Huge credit and thanks to Chris for all the effort he put in with the EP too.

Kriss-Kross : We always knew of Nexus Media, but we never expected to be signed to such an established label, it’s still sinking in. We met up with Shane Renew (Deliriant) after we met him at the Equinox Experience. He was the first to really hear our own tracks in person, he gave us a a lot of inspiration to keep doing what were doing. And also a few tips and tricks to take our music up a gear. After a little while we then decided to go that extra step and started studio sessions with Chris (Shift). He had previously mastered two of our old tunes so that we could play them, but when we arrived for the first session we had a lot of new material. And he really liked our new stuff. It’s amazing how much you can learn in such a short time – the man is a genius! After our second session ended we strolled out to the car when out of nowhere Chris started talking to us about releasing an EP and at the end of the conversation we were Kriss-Kross, signed to Nexus Media. A monumental day for both of us.

Psymedia : How has your sound evolved since you started producing?

D-sciple : I would say the sound has got a lot more psychedelic and chunky. Bigger kicks, more driving basslines and a very uplifting feel in the breaks. I would also say the quality of the sound as a whole has evolved since my first couple tracks.

Kriss-Kross : It has been quite a journey. We both started off producing more Full On beats – Chris making Twilight Psytrance and Ross making Full On daytime. The day that we could say changed it all was when Captain Hook played at Alien Safari Flying Circus 2011. He absolutely blew us away with his music, the phat kick and bass and rhythmic percussion captured us and gave us a new perspective of trance, basically anything below 140BPM. We now produce Progressive Psytrance but with a sinister kind of twist. We always try to portray our own style in our production, while keeping it within the boundaries. Sometimes!

Psymedia : Do you think signing to Nexus Media might make your sound lean more towards their ‘typical’ sound?

D-sciple : I think Nexus Media will always have its Full On Psy acts as their forefront, and that is all it has been since it started. My sound as a producer did get a bit more psychedelic, but the progressive style will never change. I am going to start working on a collaboration with the legends from Disco Volante (who just released an EP on Nexus Media, and doing so well on Psy charts all around the world – big up guys), so it might get a bit faster and the style will change, but we are probably going to lean towards a more Sonic Species daytime driven sound, without revealing too much yet.

Kriss-Kross : Yes, definitely having the backing of a label like Nexus Media is going to open many doors for us. Being surrounded by world-class producers can only benefit us in taking our own sound to another level, we are constantly learning more and more, but in the end our sound will always be our ‘Kriss-Kross‘ style. We try not to be too one dimensional so you can expect a lot of different style tracks from us. We are very excited for the journey ahead.

Psymedia : Dane, how has working with Shift differed from your studies?

D-sciple : I have completed a 3 year degree in Music Technology at Stellenbosch University, and this year decided I needed to specialize or do a post grad if you will. With Chris I learned a lot about Psytrance production specifically. With my degree and the course I am currently doing it is going to equip me to start my own studio one day and focus on production as a whole, whether it be recording, mix downs, mastering, music for commercials/movies and so on. So that is the route I eventually want to take. And that is for all styles of music. I am loving the course at the moment and it is teaching me a lot about the music and film industry which is a highly fickle, but rewarding industry.

Psymedia : Dane, you also recently changed your alias from Depsypil to D-sciple.

D-sciple : Having ‘psy’ in my name was something I introduced when I first started dabbling about with trance. I, along with my management, decided on an international front it didn’t look too good concerning future releases and gigs. That was just a personal opinion so we changed it. Everything is still the same, except the spelling.

Psymedia : Do you have a full live set nailed down? 

D-sciple : At this very point in time my live set is exactly about 45 mins long, but I am currently working on two new tracks (which will be done by mid October), so that will take it up to a full (1 hour) live set.

Kriss-Kross : We don’t have a full live set just yet, but we are hoping to have a full set by the New Year. We are very hard at work in the studio but we will only play live when we know our music is 100% ready so we can’t say any date is set in stone. We will play some of our live tunes in our DJ sets for now but eventually we want to be playing full live sets.

Psymedia : Any upcoming releases?

D-sciple : I have been asked to do a remix for the guys from Kriss-Kross for their upcoming EP on Nexus Media, so there is that to look forward to. Other than that no official upcoming releases as of yet, but as I said I am busy working on two new tracks, so I’m hoping I can get those released before the end of the year.

Kriss-Kross : Yes! As D-sciple mentioned, we will be releasing our debut EP entitled Troublemaker on Nexus Media. The date is November, but it could be sooner. The EP will include remixes by USB Human and D-sciple. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview! Any last words before we finish off?

D-sciple : A huge thanks to Chris Hoy from Nexus Media for all his hard work. Massive shout out to Duncan Marwick (6th Sense Management) for putting up with me for the last couple years, and for being a superb manager. Shout out to all my supporters and friends, you guys are the best. Special mention to my amazing girlfriend Pippa. Last but not least, my parents for supporting me with my music and encouraging and providing the best education for me.

Kriss-Kross :  We’d like to thank Shane Renew (Deliriant), Chris Hoy (Shift), James Copeland (Sad Paradise), Gregory Hamber (Xatrik) and Kieron Grieve (Rubix Qube) for all the support and the time they have taken to steer us in the right direction. Wed also like to thank Pauline and John Moore for the support they have given us over the past year, without them we would not be where we are today. And to all of our friends and supporters we love you all!


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