Following last year’s interview, we decided to have another chat with Nexus Media live duo Cybernetix ahead of their first performance this season at Alien Safari Sprung 2014. Earlier this year they released their EP entitled The Catalyst on Nexus Media. We’ve got an exclusive DJ mix to go along with the interview which you can listen to below. Stay tuned for their live set recorded from Sprung 2014 this weekend!

Psymedia : Hi guys! The last time we spoke was a year ago. What’s been the biggest changes for you?

Warren : Hello chaps! Been quite busy with work taken up a new position as a Technical Manager in the conferencing and events industry, the hours can be pretty demanding. I don’t have the luxury of making music for a living so it’s as it always has been an evening/weekend (if im not working) operation. Still continuing to complete as many experiments as possible at the Cyber Laboratory… [laughs]

Tim : Howzit! Yeah its been a while.. The biggest change has probably been how little time we’ve had in the studio the last 12 months! As Warren said he’s got a new job and I’ve started a business – Magnetic Storm Cape Town that is like a black hole for my time, however… We’ve finally found office space and hired some more staff, so that has freed up a little more studio time recently…

Psymedia : You mentioned 8 tracks were ready for an album. Have those tracks been released differently?

Warren : Yeah, those tracks were released on different labels. I think EPs are the way forward as much as I’d like to have a mastered CD hardcopy physically its pretty much the way things going. Don’t find going back to finished tracks unless we do something different with original for the ‘live’ sets. Prefer to start up something fresh with any time I might have.

Tim : What Warren said. EPs are the way forward. I think with 3 or 4 tracks on a EP you can release more of them, more often, and are able to explore new styles and ideas in each one. Where as a full album might sound a little all over the place with big changes of direction. Having said that.. if we do get a solid chunk of time to sit and get 9 tracks down in a reasonable period, we would still love to get a full album out..

Psymedia : Your EP entitled The Catalyst features collaborations with Iliuchina and Nature Disaster. How did those collaborations come about? What makes a good collaborator and why is it beneficial for each individual project?

Warren : First we heard Iliuchina’s music we new we had to make a track with her, immediately thought our sounds word really work well together and likewise with Nature Disaster. Their productions are of high quality and put them on the collaboration radar. Working with like-minded producers definitely the obvious route to take because the workflow is a lot smoother where styles are concerned. Iliuchina and Nature Disaster were absolutely brilliant to work with. If we didn’t like a line they added and vice versa it was removed without hesitation. Sometimes producers are difficult in collaborations with a sound they added that the respective artist didn’t enjoy, can really go back and forth and waste a lot of time. So they were a real pleasure in this regard. Working with artists from around the world are definitely beneficial, those tracks get played out and your target audience are a lot greater therefore more exposure and more followers.

Tim : Firstly, I’ve gotta get this out – the track “I will find you” is actually with Shameless who is 1 half of Nature Disaster (they’ve now split up) – Sorry Shay! Right now that is cleared up, both collaborations came about through a muture respect and like of each others music, a few chats online and boom! Both tracks were completed really easily! Nica and Shay are both so talented and a pleasure to work with.


Psymedia : This is your first Alien Safari party since Flying Circus 2011. What make’s Alien Safari events so special? What can the dance floor expect from your set, slotted between Hiyamyzo and Phobos?

Tim : Its been a while since we played at an Alien.. It really is such an awesome party to play at. As I said earlier, we havent had a ton of new material to play out for the last while, but with the EP and 4 other unheard and unreleased tracks, we have enough new stuff to blast out live again. Expect the same Cybernetix grind with some slick new production methods.

Warren : Really excited for this one! The hype is huge and rightfully so. Alien Safari for me right now is the benchmark of the outdoor psy trance experience in Cape Town. Production standards are ridiculously high and I really love that. Speak about it constantly to the punters who will listen. They really do it for the love of the music and ultimately show real psy roots and growth over the years. Look, I understand there will promoters jumping onto the bandwagon as the movement grows. It’s the beast that it is but from artwork, sound and organizing factors it really is a proper event showcasing what Psytrance really is. It really is well thought out and structured. It’s a Psytrance experience not just a Psytrance party. The lineups get thought about months in advance to take the listener on a progression through out the festival not just a thrown together line up of guys that started a psy project yesterday or booked for their following solely and making it a money-making racket. All these artists have a serious degree of passion and really respect that. Hiyamyzo really do have a great full tilt night-time sound and looking forward to hearing them again, Phobos doing a more psychedelic sound with an organic type feel, in for a treat here. Think we could merge the sounds really well with melodic lines and psychedelics rolled into one. Ending off with something as close to his sound to round it off nicely. Continue MR Phobos! [laughs]

Psymedia : What’s your typical live setup like?

Tim : Man.. we’ve been down a few different roads here, we’ve played off a prerecorded CD, we’ve played out of Cubase and Ableton, but we’ve found that sometimes a little limiting. If the set is put together beforehand and the crowd is not responding in the way you’d like, you are pretty screwed. We are in the process of setting up a full Traktor rig which will give us the flexibility we are after, but we’ve decided to go back to CDs of our music in the meanwhile, each track selected for the crowd at that moment. We still edit the tracks for live purposes, leaving out sounds and samples, which we then play off our hardware (Roland 505, Kaospad, Kaoscillator) and tweak the hell out of them. It really important to both of us that each live set is actually live and has that human element to it.

Warren : Lots I’ve seen over the years, guys posting their screen shots of Cubase, Ableton or the likes with layers of the full tracks programmed out on F, been guilty of this myself, maybe not the posting on social media part [laughs]. Playing for an hour, just jamming and throwing a few fist pumps out time and again is boring. Don’t get me wrong playing music out we’ve made to our taste to a festival capacity crowd is the most satisfying experience and stoked we have support from pioneers like Alien Safari. I’d like to think if I had a heart attack and died on stage the music would stop in a few minutes [laughs]. So, that said, we still use the cdj’s and play a ‘foundation’ of music with some toys to trigger sounds and loops over this ‘foundation’ with an fx processor.

Psymedia : Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

Warren : Well, the ep just came out and one in the works with Digital Psionics to be released in the near future. Also a new one coming out on a Nexus Media compilation before the end of 2014. Cant wait and see all you beautiful people at Sprung!

Tim : The tracks are called “Ancients” – Digital Psionics, and “The Grid” – neXus media. There’s also a versus with Terrorbyte and another with Iliuchina to look out for. See you all at Alien Safari Sprung 2014!