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27 Crazy & Awesome Airbnb Listings

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind travel experience that you will remember for a lifetime? We have put together a list of 27 crazy Airbnb listings that we want to tick off our travel bucket list!

The travel bucket list below includes something for everyone – a giant potato, snow igloos, windmills, cliff-hanging hotels, treehouses, a pirate ship and even a private island you can rent!

An elephant in the USA

Location: Margate City, New Jersey, United States

stay inside elephant 27 Crazy & Awesome Airbnb Listings

Heard the expression elephant in the room? Well, Richard has been preserving Lucy the elephant, a 138-year old wooden elephant in the Jersey Shore for almost 20 years.

It is a National Historic Landmark and the oldest roadside attraction in America – older than even the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

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A potato in the USA

Location: Margate City, New Jersey, United States

potato house 27 Crazy & Awesome Airbnb Listings

Recycled from the Idaho Potato Commission’s Big Idaho Potato Tour, this 6-ton potato has traveled on the back of a semi to (48) states for seven years.

Now resting on 400 acres of good ol’ Idaho farmland, just south of downtown Boise, this hotel has been meticulously designed by Kristie Wolfe, to allow for stylish private comfort and modern amenities.

A silo has also been converted into a spa retreat – perfect for soaking up the sun.

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A beagle dog in the USA

Location: Cottonwood, Idaho, United States

beagle dog house 27 Crazy & Awesome Airbnb Listings

It’s a dog’s life – right? Live inside this massive beagle dog at the Dog Bark Park Inn, located in Idaho, United States. The beagle-shaped building includes all the cozy touches such as a library of books, games & puzzles (many of which are appropriately dog themed).

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A private island in the Philippines

Location: El Nido, Philippines

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Brother Island in the Philippines offers an exclusive private island experience like no other. You’ll have the entire island to yourself, including a 7-bedroom house.

It is ideal for some quality time with your closest friends and family, but they also host honeymoons, weddings and yoga retreats on the island.

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A private island in Belize

Location: Stann Creek Dist, Belize, Belize

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Bird Island is a unique experience; imaging having your very own island to spend time with your loved one, family or group of friends in total comfort and absolute privacy.

It is located inside one of the most beautiful atolls in Belize, covering the full spectrum – in true relaxation or endless choice of outdoor activities at your fingertips and right outside your door.

Its been featured in national and international publications including Airbnb’s recent ‘Like This, Live There’ ad campaign.

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A bamboo tree-house in Bali

Location: Selat, Bali, Indonesia

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We have seen this listing all over social media, and you might have too. It’s the #4 most wished accommodation in the world. This hideout in Bali is a unique eco-stay hidden in the mountains of Gunung Agung volcano.

It’s a remote hideaway for lovers of nature, a spiritual-minded people, trekking-lovers, backpackers, artists, musicians, and eco-enthusiasts.

You’ll get to stay in an all-bamboo house surrounded by nature, alongside a beautiful riverside set in the Balinese rice fields. Sounds beautiful!

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Rainforest treehouse in Costa Rica

Location: Cooper, Alajuela, Costa Rica

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The Tree House is hand-crafted, one of 3 casitas and 2 treehouses at the Bio Thermales natural resort organically integrated into the 35 acre rainforest. Guests enjoy free 24 hour access to the 12 natural hot and cool springs pools of various temperatures and rainforest trails.

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Glass cottage in the USA

Location: Santa Barbara, California, United States

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This listing includes a stunning cottage, outside lounge kitchen, redwood outdoor shower, pool, hot tub, hammocks and more. Plus, there’s even chickens which provide free eggs on-site!

It’s off-the-grid, yet just a few minutes away from the beach, trails, wine tastings and downtown Santa Barbara. This 3 acre grove area is part of a larger 11 acre land though is like it’s very own property, gated in and exclusive to the 4 guests residing in the grove.

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Hillside tree-house in Italy

Location: San Salvatore Monferrato, Alessandria, Italy

3f134177 original 27 Crazy & Awesome Airbnb Listings

A wonderful suspended nest, with amazing panoramic view on the hills, among the fragrances of the linden trees and other aromatic herbs. The garden features a sunroom and a swimming pool surrounded by blooming peaceful nature.

The garden measures 18,000 square meters with awe-inspiring trees such as majestic cedars of Lebanon and magnolias, pagodas, hollies and tamarisks. You can find nature walks, cycle routes, wine tours and cultural paths just nearby.

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Glass tree-house in Italy

Location: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

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Absorb the energy of nature by living in this wonderful house set on a tree in Italy. Comfortable and vintage, panoramic and intimate, it will give you unforgettable colors and moments while the pines that surround it will whisper secular stories.

The house is located in a small community that offers everything you need to live well. The place is only 20 minutes by car from the center of Florence and half an hour from Siena. Nearby is the Certosa di Firenze, to visit in the footsteps of Le Corbusier.

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A bubble in Mexico

Location: Los alamitos, Baja California, Mexico

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Ever wanted to live in your own bubble? These state-of-the-art bubbles situated in Mexico will immerse you in the beautiful country of Valla de Guadalupe. There are 12 bubbles, which means its perfect for groups. Each one has a private bathroom, full-size bed and luxurious amenities.

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Immersive art studio in Japan

Location: Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan

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Ever wanted to stay inside an art piece? BnA STUDIO Akihabara in Tokyo is a hospitality project with a part of the profits going towards the artists who created the unique space.

The Room was created by 81 bastards, an artist collective based in Tokyo. The collective is made up of 10 members, comprised of six painters, a tattoo artist, photographer, videographer and DJ.

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Carved-out cave in Greece

Location: Santorini, Central Greece, Greece

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Hector Cave House, carved into the unique caldera cliff for more than 250 years, was originally used as a wine cellar. Then it became a family owned complex of three different properties that opened its doors to share its unique character to travelers from around the world.

Hector Cave house is a modest 60 square meters and can host 2-5 people, ideal for one couple or a company of 2-5 friends. The private veranda offers a private space for relaxing, dinning, or even sunbathing, having as a background the most breathtaking views of Santorini.

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Luxury stone villa in Greece

Location: Chania, Kriti, Greece

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This apartment in the village Kaliviani is a cave made from natural rock that was previously used as a house for a family, before being converted to store agricultural products.

Much later, the cave was renovated and rebuilt to become a luxurious 60 square metre apartment for 2 adults and 2 children. The studio includes modern amenities. A beautiful balcony reveals the view of Kissamos bay and the mountains that lie in the background.

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An off-the-grid dome in the USA

Location: Terlingua, Texas, United States

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This remote, off-the-grid adobe dome, powered by solar power is located in Far West Texas, United States. Though the dome is isolated, the entrance to Big Bend National Park is just a 25 minute drive and the historic Terlingua Ghost town about the same.

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Cliff-hanging bedroom in Peru

Location: Urubamba, Peru

d3041174 4fd1 4199 a8ac a44907d07bcc 27 Crazy & Awesome Airbnb Listings

This insane cliff-hanging listing will require you to climb 400 metres or hike an intrepid trail through zip-lines. The transparent luxury capsules are definitely something you will truly remember.

There are 3 pods, with a maximum capacity on the lodge of 12 people per night. Packages includes breakfast & gourmet dinner with wine, transportation from Cuzco and our professional bilingual guides.

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Lighthouse in Canada

Location: Burlington, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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The Lighthouse Inn has 4 levels. The first level is kitchen / sitting area and bathroom. The second has a comfortable cozy bedroom for two. The third is a relaxation area. And lastly, he top level of this lighthouse home includes a beautiful view!

The lighthouse is close to walking trails, swimming area, local store and more, however it’s a rather quiet and tranquil area!

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Airplane in France

Location: St Michel Chef Chef, France

c890ef5c original 1 27 Crazy & Awesome Airbnb Listings

Stay inside a real plane that can accommodate 4 people. It’s got all the modern amenities including a kitchen and shower, plus a bedroom with a double bed and 2 single beds in the living-room. During the summer months, you can enjoy the swimming-pool and water slides on-site. It’s also nearby many beaches including Tharon, Pornic and Saint Brevin.

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Seashell house in Mexico

Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

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This Seashell-shaped house is located on the Mexican island of Isla Mujeres and includes a private pool, two king beds, a kitchenette, and BBQ. If you have more then 4 people, they have constructed a third shell for additional guests.

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A Hygge in the USA

Location: Orondo, Washington, United States

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This Danish inspired dwelling space is located in the Columbia River Gorge mountainside. With its iconic round doorway, you will have wondrous views to take your imagination places. Every corner of this place has a personal touch, adding to its charm.

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A windmill in the Netherlands

Location: Abcoude, Utrecht, Netherlands

cefdb7f0 original 27 Crazy & Awesome Airbnb Listings

This romantic windmill (built in 1874) is just a few miles from Amsterdam. It also has easy access to the city. You have the entire windmill for yourself including three bedrooms, with double beds, a kitchen, living, 2 toilets and a bathroom with bath.

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Snow igloo in Finland

Location: Pelkosenniemi, Finland

61e15b47 a563 4348 b891 5106bc4ebb02 27 Crazy & Awesome Airbnb Listings

Snow igloo with real beds inside. It’s a beautiful atmosphere with LED lighting and white walls. Outside the igloo you might also be lucky enough to view the Northern Lights!

It’s always minus degrees’ inside the igloo. You are provided with a warm sleeping bag but you should bring your thermos layers, warm hat, socks and cloves. A headlight or flashlight is handy.

If you’re uncertain about the cold, a warm apartment is available upoin request.

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Luxury home (incl. Tesla) in the USA

Location: Missouri City, Texas, United States

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This 4200 sqft custom home located in Texas, USA also includes 3 acres for you to play on plus a Tesla Model S car. It’s perfect if you’re looking to entertain or even just chillax in a $4,500 a night house. Whatever floats your boat!

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Safari tent in South Africa

Location: Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

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This Zebra Safari Tent will give you close-up action of game including Giraffe, Zebra, Impala, Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Bontebok, Springbok and Bushbok. It features a private deck, fire pit, picnic table and hammock. There 2 delightful bedrooms made of stone canvas and wood. Cooking facilities, indoor and outdoor braai located at the boma.

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Cave dwelling in China

Location: Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

b0a7a290 original 27 Crazy & Awesome Airbnb Listings

This 300 years old cave has been dug by hand around an interior courtyard. The Chinese ecological dwelling includes 3 bedrooms and has authentic decoration (including traditional “kang” bed and wooden furniture).

In each room you can find a wash-up corner with a large bowl, hot water thermos and towels.

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Gypsy trailer in France

Location: La Chabanne, Auvergne, France

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A romantic wooden gypsy wagon located in an unspoiled rural part of France. It’s decorated and furnished like a plush hotel room, but you’re on the steps of nature.

A romantic wooden gypsy wagon, decorated and furnished like a plush hotel room with the benefit of stepping out into nature. With the outside bath, you’ll enjoy the stars at night.

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Pirate ship in the USA

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

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The 65′ long pirate ship has two bedrooms, two heads, a hammock and numerous nooks to hideout at. It also includes a shower, kitchen, central air, big upper deck, planks, fireplace, tables and couches, tunes, and theme lighting.

The whole ship is yours! Plus there’s full Marina access, on the Mississippi River. 65′ long 14′ wide! 1-6 people is included in your reservation.

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