Enjoy this DJ set by Cosmic Sidekick. Full of absolute smashing tracks containing the perfect blend of melodic and psychedelic elements ranging from 142 to 144 BPM. Available for free download.


The LSD Party (Vertical Mode Remix)- Mad Tribe
Diode (original Mix) – Glitch
Crossing FX (Starlab Remix) – Outsiders
Time & Space (Lifeforms & Kali Remix) – Burn In Noise, Avalon
Star Wars (Original Mix) – Side Effects
Roots Sound (Original Mix) – Ace Ventura, Magik
Flying Objects (Original Mix) – Faders
Stay In Focus (Original Mix) – Shivatree
Magnetic Creatures (Original Mix) – Vertical Mode
La La Land (Original Mix) – Space Cat, X-NoiZe
Acid Killer (Space Cat Remix) – Xerox, Infected Mushroom
Controlled Substance (Original Mix) – Kanobi
Deep Fried (Shivatree Remix) – X-NoiZe, Illumination
Dreamscape (Faders Remix) – Burn In Noise
Euphoria (Original Mix) – Side Effects, Sonic Sense
Jungle Monsters (Original Mix) – Shivatree
The Ritual (Shivatree Remix) – Avalon, Mad Maxx
Paradise (Relativ Remix) – Faders
Gan Jar (Original Mix) – Waio, Magik
The Raven (Original Mix) – Space Cat, Artificials
The Phoenix (Original) – Wilder, Faders