CBD is one of over 100 known chemical compounds found in the cannabis or marijuana plant. Unlike THC, it’s not psychoactive, meaning CBD Oil products won’t get you high.

Since CBD has potential medicinal benefits, it’s become available to purchase on the shelves in countries like South Africa. CBD Oil has become incredibly popular, and while more research needs to be done, below are CBD Oil benefits.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD Oil is commonly used to treat anxiety, with a study showing anxiety improved when taking CBD regularly. Researchers think CBD changes the way your brain’s receptors respond to serotonin, the chemical that makes you happy and is linked to your mental health.

CBD Oil for Sleep

Since CBD Oil can make you feel less stressed, in-turn you might have better sleep. Some studies have suggested those with anxiety and bad sleep have improved sleeping patterns when using CBD.

Some studies suggest it might actually promote wakefulness in some people, so take caution and try it out for yourself. If you have trouble sleeping, look at other potential issues (like caffeine, stress, not exercising, etc).

CBD Oil for Pain Relief

Some studies have shown CBD Oil decreased joint inflammation and protected the nerves. It’s been shown to be beneficial for a number of different chronic pain conditions. CBD can also be used topically, for joint pain and arthritis.

CBD Oil for Acne

CBD can help better your immune system, and since it reduces inflammation it will have the benefit of getting rid of acne. A study has shown CBD oil reduces activity in sebaceous glands, which secrets sebum, an oily substance that hydrates the skin. Too much of it though, and your body will produce acne