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Cape Town Trance Parties 2019

Are you looking for upcoming trance parties for 2019 in Cape Town? Click on a festival to view the FULL details including line ups, ticket information, directions and accommodation nearby.

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31aug01sepSpiltMilk 2019Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

31aug01sepVortex AwakeningContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

07sep(sep 7)1:00 pm08(sep 8)1:00 amWith You - Love In The CityContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

14sep(sep 14)11:00 am15(sep 15)2:00 amEquilibrium Festival: Spring EditionContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

20sep(sep 20)1:00 pm22(sep 22)1:00 pmEarthdance Cape Town 2019Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

20sep(sep 20)3:00 pm24(sep 24)10:00 amWolfkop Weekender : Power Flower Picnic 2019Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

28sep(sep 28)10:00 am29(sep 29)2:00 amInto the Wild | Moon ChildContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

28sep(sep 28)1:00 pm29(sep 29)1:00 amMixedFeelingsContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


04oct(oct 4)1:00 pm06(oct 6)1:00 pmRocking The Daisies 2019Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

04oct(oct 4)1:00 pm07(oct 7)1:00 pmSmalltown Beat 2019Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

12oct(oct 12)1:00 pm13(oct 13)1:00 pmExodus Festival 2019 - SouthernTipsyContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

18oct(oct 18)1:00 pm20(oct 20)4:00 pmOrganik Gaian Dream 2019Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

26oct1:00 pm12:00 amSexy Groovy Love OctContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


02nov(nov 2)1:00 pm03(nov 3)1:00 amInto The Wild | Electric GardenContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

02nov(nov 2)1:00 pm03(nov 3)1:00 amWe Love SummerContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

09nov(nov 9)1:00 pm10(nov 10)5:00 pmOur Minds Festival 2019Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

16nov(nov 16)11:00 am17(nov 17)1:00 amThe Eden ExperienceContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

23nov1:00 pm12:00 amSexy Groovy LoveContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

30nov01decFuture Frequency FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


07dec(dec 7)1:00 pm08(dec 8)1:00 pmGet RealContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

21dec(dec 21)1:00 pm22(dec 22)1:00 amLove & LightContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

31dec01janKinky Summer NYE FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

31dec01janAlcazar NYE FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


11jan(jan 11)1:00 pm12(jan 12)1:00 amInto The Wild | Raised By WolvesContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

16jan(jan 16)1:00 pm20(jan 20)1:00 pmWolfkop Weekender JanuaryContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

31jan(jan 31)11:00 am02feb(feb 2)3:00 pmOrigin Festival 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


08feb(feb 8)1:00 pm09(feb 9)1:00 pmCape Town Electronic Music Festival 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

14feb(feb 14)1:00 pm16(feb 16)1:00 pmEquinox Experience 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

28feb(feb 28)1:00 pm29(feb 29)4:00 amUltra Music Festival 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

29feb01marSexy Groovy LoveContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

29feb01marLighthouse Festival 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

29feb01marAlien Safari Masqued Ball 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


07mar(mar 7)1:00 pm08(mar 8)1:00 amLove & Light MarchContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

13mar(mar 13)1:00 pm15(mar 15)1:00 pmBazique Festival 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

21mar(mar 21)1:00 pm22(mar 22)4:00 pmOrganik Love Project 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

26mar(mar 26)1:00 pm29(mar 29)4:00 pmRetreat Yourself 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

28mar(mar 28)1:00 pm29(mar 29)1:00 pmFuture Frequency Festival 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


04apr(apr 4)1:00 pm05(apr 5)1:00 amInto The Wild | The WoodlandsContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

10apr(apr 10)1:00 am13(apr 13)1:00 amVortex Parallel Universe 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

27apr(apr 27)1:00 pm04may(may 4)1:00 pmAfrikaBurn 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


30dec(dec 30)1:00 pm02jan(jan 2)1:00 pmModem Festival NYE Celebration 2020/2021Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

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