Burning Man is the most Instagrammed festival in the world

Burning Man is the most Instagrammed festival in the world

Burning Man in the United States is now the most Instagrammed festival in the world, taking over from Coachella. The two festivals have wildly different views, but evidently, they are not very different when looking at how their attendees use social media.

An Instagram user at Burning Man will post 24 times over the course of the event in comparison to 21 times at Coachella. Burning Man has approximately 80 000 guests in comparison to Coachella’s 99,000.

It would be interesting to compare the regional AfrikaBurn event – we bet it’s not very different.

More Instagram festival stat highlights:

  • Festival-goers are posting 5 times more at summer music fests than they did in 2017.
  • 6 of the top 10 most Insta obsessive festivals come from the US.
  • Craziest festival trend of the summer is the ‘Janties’ – a mix between jeans & pants. Searches for ‘Janties’ have shot up by over +1000% in the last month alone.
  • In 2018 there were over 15 million Instagram posts for the top 200 festivals worldwide.

Mila Riley

Mila is a German writer who has spent the past few years traveling the globe recording her experiences with pen and paper. Along the way she's also attended many festivals, cultural experiences, foods and more. While Mila isn't traveling right now due to the pandemic, she's gearing up for her next big trip in 2021 again!