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Blockparty launches digital collectibles market, allows artists to sell via blockchain


The US-based company Blockparty has launched a digital collectible marketplace that enables fans to own, sell and trade digital assets.

With its own non-fungible token (NXT) using blockchain to function, fans can securely purchase assets on a transparent decentralized ledger system.

While their primary focus is on art, Blockparty have mentioned to the platform will also enable different artists like musicians to sell their work.

With events mainly cancelled until 2021, musicians could continue to release limited edition digital assets that can be verified on the blockchain.

If you purchase a limited edition version of something, you know you’re the real owner – that’s how blockchain technology works.

Furthermore, events return, Blockchain plans to sell festival and event tickets via the Ethereum platform. Attendees will also be able to partake in enhanced experiences at festivals like scavenger hunt style games.

Earlier today, Blockparty released their first music collectible with electronic dance music producer 3LAU – who usually performs at festivals like Electric Zoo, EDC Vegas and Lollapalooza.

The EDM artist partnered up with Slime Sunday to add moving graphics to his music. Fans will be able to purchase 1 of 5 rare, audio-reactive digital collective items. Furthermore, fans also receive additional benefits like access to giveaways and unique rewards.

While this initial offering isn’t much for people who aren’t fans of 3LAU, the platform definitely has potential for the future.

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