Blastoyz is Kobi Nigreker. The young Israeli artist is picking up serious steam in the psychedelic world with his blend of Hi-Tech, Full On and Electro. He’s also added a Progressive Psytrance project to his arsenal called Sancho Pancho, alongside Brain Attack. Unfortunately Kobi won’t be in Cape Town anytime soon, but our friends in Johannesburg have managed to snatch him up for Soulstice Festival this weekend, where he will showcase both projects alongside fellow Israeli’s Captain Hook and Berg.

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Psymedia : Hey Kobi! How did you come across psychedelic trance and go about selecting the name Blastoyz for your project?

Blastoyz : Hey! I started producing music at the age of 9 (1999). This was the first time I listened to Psytrance, through my big brother. I really liked the energy of it and the dreams started to show up – to create my own tracks, perform with my own music. Since then I have explored the world of trance and started to produce music. With regards to the name, well, Blastoyz is a Pokemon! I really liked the program and if I’ll be honest, as a kid, I didn’t like to play with toys and kids stuff – so it’s a combination of ‘Blast-Toys’.

Psymedia : As an Israeli you spent three years in the Israeli Defense Force. Did it influence your music work? 

Blastoyz : Yes, it has greatly influenced me. I served in the IDF for 3 years, and I was only able to go home on weekends. It was very hard for me to make progress with my music [because of the army]. It made me get stuck – I really hated the army period. I was so frustrated that it delayed me, but after all this pain and time wasting, army is a point in life that we must get through. It makes you grow up and learn a lot of things that are guaranteed to help you in the future as a person [in the real world].

Psymedia : You’ve got a new EP entitled Mind Games out on Regroup Records. Tell me a bit about the EP, and how it differs from your previous work.

Blastoyz : I always try to push my influences to the limit.With the Mind Games EP, I mixed the tracks with Electro and Hi-Tech sounds, and for sure, combined with some retro sounds. This EP took a very respectable place on Beatport – #12 top 100 Psytrance releases. Nowadays Progressive Psytrance is the leader, and I was really surprised to see that I’m one of the tops there alongside Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Neelix, and many more.

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Psymedia : You’ve won a handful of remix competitions. As a young producer, do you think these opportunities should occur regularly?

BlastoyzThere were contests I won first place and the tracks were released. It certainly helps with a little advertising and recognition. These opportunities are a great way for artists who want to be published more. You have nothing to loose – remix tracks, join competitions, and it may help you.

Psymedia : You’ve remixed a whole variety of genres – everything from Drum & Bass, to Dubstep, to Psytrance and more. How does remixing differ to writing an original track? 

Blastoyz : I enjoy doing remixes as they are challenging and interesting for me, but not more than writing original tracks that I get to write myself. With remixes, the melody is already there, and because of that original tracks take a lot more time as everything from melody to foundation needs to be written, however the outcome is much more gratifying. Some of the more recent remixes I have done are played and supported by some well established DJs around the world including Azax Syndrom and Bliss!

Psymedia : Tell me about your side project Sancho Pancho with Yam (Brain Attack).

Blastoyz : Progressive Psytrance is heavily requested today – it is hard to deny it. We were at a young age doing the crazy Psy style at 145BPM, and so we decided to start a side project for a wider audience who like Progressive. Bring ourselves to the music and try produce something unique. In less than six months we worked on our live act, and we have already closed quite a few parties around the world. No doubt, Progressive Psytrance is grabbing more and more people. We are happy to do this side project together, for fun, and travelling across the sea together. We will release our first EP soon!

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Psymedia : This will be your first visit to South Africa. What have you heard about our scene? What can the dance floor expect from your set? 

Blastoyz : South Africa is definitely one of the places that I set as a goal to play my music, along with Brazil and Mexico. I have heard [about] and know that the Psytrance scene in South Africa is not much smaller than in Israel, and I know many artists [from South Africa] that I used to listen to in my past. I have heard the dance floor in South Africa loves Hi-Tech and Psy, so I hope they will dig Blastoyz!

Psymedia : Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

Blastoyz : I’m working on another EP now, which I hope will be out at the beginning of 2014. Beside that, there are some singles to be released on compilations,  and a track with Dapanji that will be a free download.

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview! Have a good one at Soulstice Festival 2013! Any last words before we finish off?

Blastoyz :  Yes, I just want to say for the people who want to succeed with their music creation, that dreams come true sooner or later. Try to follow my motto of ‘strive, persevere, and you will reach!’ See you around and best wishes from Israel.