German scientists will be conducting a research experiment called Restart-19, to see how COVID-19 spreads in a concert environment and examine ways to restart the entertainment industry.

The concert will take place at an indoor stadium in Leipzig, Germany. They’ve hired German singer-songwriter Tim Bendzko to perform for a crowd of 4,0000 research volunteers.

Volunteers will be asked to sanitize their hands with fluorescent hand sanitizer, to add protection and provide scientists with the ability to scour the venue with UV lights, to see how the virus spreads. A fog machine will be pumping out fog to help visualise how the coronavirus could spread by aerosols.

Each volunteer will also be given masks and DIY test kit, which will be turned into a lab to test for COVID-19 48 hours before the event. There will be 3 scenarios conducted:

  • The first event is to test a crowd that would have a turn out during a pre-COVID-19 time with attendees coming in through two entrances.
  • The second one will have each seat blocked and require attendees to come in through eight different entrances.
  • The final study will require each attendee to be 1.5 meters away from each other and will only have 2,000 people out of a 12,000 capacity.

“We are trying to find out if there could be a middle way between the old and the new normal that would allow organisers to fit enough people into a concert venue to not make a loss,” said the experiment’s coordinator, Stefan Moritz, who is also the head of clinical infectious diseases at the University Hospital in Halle.

For more information visit the official Restart19 website.