As the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has forced many to stay indoors, social distancing from large groups, yoga is one of the best activities to keep your mental and physical health in shape.

The health benefits of yoga have been proven, from reducing weight, strengthen muscles, lowering your risk of heart disease, relieving stress and improving your overall well-being. The fact that you can practice yoga just about anywhere, anytime, at any age, makes it great for everyone during the outbreak.

We’ve put together several apps available for Android and iOS devices that are either free or cheap, to get you started on your yoga journey indoors during this pandemic.

down dogg

Down Dog

Down Dog is the first app on our list and focuses on Vinyasa yoga. This app makes it intriguing with 3 different class structures with playlists that have vocal instruction and soothing background music. Every time you open the app, Down Dog will mix up the workout so you never repeat a flow.

In light of the coronavirus, all of their apps including – Down Dog, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout – are completely free until April 1st.

Available on Android and iOS

5 min

5 Minute Yoga

Who has time for a full workout, right? 5 Minute Yoga is a simple app that is self explanatory – a no-frills app for people who want to start with simple stretches, guided by animations. It’s great for beginners as it offers simple poses with a timer to make sure you’re doing them for five minutes.

Available on Android and iOS

Yoga Poses Classes

Yoga — Poses & Classes

This app is good for beginners. It offers easy to follow instructions for over 100 different yoga poses. Each pose features a downloadable video that you can try. There’s a ton of free classes to improve strength, balance and flexibility. The created workout collections to achieve specific yoga and fitness goals.

Available on Android and iOS

daily yoga 1

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga provides programs that range from 1 week to a month long. Before you start, you’ll enter a theme or goal such as fitness or mindfulness. There’s over 200 guided classes for yoga, pilates, meditation and regular workouts.

Available on Android and iOS

simply yoga

Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga contains a 20, 40 and 60 minute yoga routine that step you through each pose. Each pose is demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, so simply choose your workout length and follow along in the comfort of your own home. The free content is a good start, but there are slightly annoying adverts. The paid app gets rid of the ads and contains more workouts, custom routines, and more.

Available on Android and iOS

yoga studios

Yoga Studio

Feel like you’ve accomplished the basics and ready to move on to move advanced classes? Yoga Studio provides a collection of yoga classes that range from 10 to 60 minutes at various difficulty levels. You can also create your own classes using a library of 280 yoga poses. What’s great is Yoga Studio will recommend sequences that flow together and play tranquil sounds or music in the background while you do them.

Available on Android and iOS



While YouTube itself is not a dedicated yoga app, there are many useful resources online which can assist your yoga journey.

Some of the most popular YouTube yoga instructors are Yoga with Adriene, Jessamyn Stanley, Briohny Smyth, Tara Stiles of Stråla Yoga, Faith Hunter and Sarah Beth.