2017 has been a massive year for psytrance. We’ve seen plenty good releases in the form of albums, EP’s, single tracks and compilations. We’ve put together a list of the best psytrance releases of 2017 to add to your collection.

Best Albums of 2017

Hypnoxock – Eurythmia

Label: Goa Madness

An easily accessible Goa album that’s a perfect entry for any full-on, darkpsy or prog fan looking to try a new taste of psychedelic. It’s deep and playful Goa Trance, inspired by some of the best artists incorporating a new modern day twist.

Kromagon – Ravings of a Madman

Label: Zenon Records

A strong debut album on Zenon from the Los Angeles based Kromegan. Sticking true to the Zenon sound, Ravings of a Madman creates a diverse sonic palette where organic and synthetic fuse to produce an unparalleled auditory experience.

Spirit Architect – Moonshine

Label: Dacru Records

Spirit Architect has become a household name throughout the past few years, with noticeable appearances at the top of the charts. Moonshine is the first proper full length album by the renowned Macedonians. With over a year in the making and countless tweaks to bring you the best possible result, it was worth the wait.

Braincell – Connecting Multiverses

Label: Blue Hour Sounds

Connecting Multiverses is the 6th album from Swiss producer Braincell. The album features 9 original tracks that are all bangers, with no remixes or collaborations whatsoever.

Martian Arts – Giant Locusts

Label: TIP Records

If you appreciate creative, analog sound design and are longing for the trippy sound of British psychedelic trance, defined by funky and groovy rhythms, sprinkled with good melodic riffs, acid lines and emergent beauty found in sonic ‘accidents’; then you owe it to yourself to check out Giant Locusts by Martian Arts.

Earthspace – As Above So Below

Label: Nano Records

The young Brazilian psytrance maestro, Earthspace, has conjured up a massively groundbreaking debut album in As Above So Below. The album features deep and magical sound creations into psychedelic masterpieces that will astound Psytrance connoisseur with his multi-layered sonic manipulations.

Infected Mushroom – Return to the Sauce

Label: HOMmega

As the title of the album explains, veterans Infected Mushroom return to their original psychedelic style. The album is mostly instrumental with little vocal additions. If you’re a fan of classic Infected Mushroom, this album is worth a listen.

Carbon Based Lifeforms – Derelicts

Label: Blood Music

Swedish psychill/psybient specialists Carbon Based Lifeforms deliver another strong album four years after Twentythree in 2011. Derelicts is a worthy listen for anyone who is interested in chilled psychedelic music. There’s not much innovation, but rather a continuation of a worthy sound.

Shpongle – Codex VI

Label: Blood Music

Another fantastic psybient release from the legendary duo Shpongle. The album took 3 years in the making, and is a melting-pot of various genres.

Best Singles and EPs of 2017

Waio, Avalon – Shiva

Label: Nano Records

Avalon and Waio pay their respects to the auspicious Shiva with a massive musical celebration of life and dance in this much anticipated collaboration that will lift the spirit of dance-floors to a higher level!

Ace Ventura, Ryanosaurus – Still Searching

Label: Iboga Records

The new single from Ace Ventura and Ryanosaurus takes the notion of smoothly rolling basslines and jazzy melodies, and mixes it all up to create a tune that is at once both seriously danceable and yet twirky enough to keep the atmosphere on the light side. An Electrocado remix of the Ace Ventura classic “Stomping Ground” unveils the funky techno side of this track.

Astrix & Freedom Fighters – Burning Stones

Label: VII

Astrix delivers his VII debut alongside fellow member Freedom Fighters. Burning Stones is simply a masterpiece that showcases the very best soundscapes from a scene that has always been at the cutting edge of technology and sound manipulation.

Shpongle – Divine Moments Of Truth (Astrix, Loud & L.S.D Remix)

Label: Twisted Music

A Shpongle remix by legends like Astrix, Loud & L.S.D aught to be good. Could this remix of Divine Moments be the best Shpongle remix ever? It’s certainly up there with the best.

Best Compilations of 2017

Various Artists – Inti compiled By Suntrip

Label: Suntrip Records

Inti VA on Suntrip is a compilation featuring modern oldschool-influenced goa-trance! A wide variety of goa-trance are featured on this new masterpiece: melodic, euphoric, twisted & acidic!