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Best Psytrance Albums of 2021

We recap some of the best psytrance and psychedelic releases of 2021.

While it was a tough year for the music industry, many artists were locked in the studio and took advantage of the downtime to produce some fantastic material. We’ve put together some of the best psytrance albums of 2021 for you to listen to. There’s a couple of sub-genres included in here too – so there’s something for everyone.

Ajja – Oddular

The third full-length by psychedelic wizard, Ajja. This 10 track LP is high energy throughout and perfect for psychedelic trance lovers at home or at a festival. Truthfully, most of these tracks aren’t fresh out of the oven, as they have been tried and tested on the dance floor before release.

Hypnocoustics – Liminal Existence

Hypnocoustics has put together an album of beautiful UK psychedelic trance released on heavyweight label Nano Records. It features some melodic yet dark parts that counter each other, with overall cutting edge production. There’s also a banger entitled, Dissociatively Distanced, which is Hypnocoustics first 149bpm tune ever. It’s an absolute groovy dance floor smasher! Nothing that reinvents the wheel here, just a great release for 2021.

Dickster & GMS – Adverse Cambers

Dickster & GMS team up to release their debut album with a bunch of dancefloor bangers including collaborations with Pixel, Ajja and Legohead. With psychedelic legends like that featuring on a Nano release, you know it’s likely to be high-quality production. Particularly love the opening track “Astro Funk” and “Memory Reset”. This is the type of style you’ll witness smashing the Original Festival dance floor.

Evil Oil Man – Cephalopodia

A 15-track banger from the Zenon Records master which showcases a variety of electronic influences including Zenonesque, Psychedelic Trance, Dubstep, Bass and more. Evil Oil Man collaborated with many standout artists, including Dirty Hippy, HypoGeo, Grouch and South Africa’s own duo Miles from Mars. It deviates from some of the typical sounds you’d expect to hear, but we’d expect nothing less from a Zenon release.

Dust – Thirteen

It’s been a few years since the Italian artist delivered a full-length, but we’re ecstactic this album dropped right at the end of December. Dust continues to break psychedelic boundaries and incorporate new ideas. We’ve only been listening to this 13-track album for the past week, but so far we love it, especially this reggae-influenced track with LsDirty.

Dekel – Ancient Future

An 8-track album from the Israeli artist Dekel. This day-time album crosses between progressive and goa sound that’s definitely popular on the dancefloors of his homeland, Israel. A great melodic album with tons of acid. Love the direction this artist continues to take.

O.O.O.D. – Deep Flight

O.O.O.D (Out Of Our Depth) are a 4-piece live trance act from the UK. They are considered some of the early pioneers of the Goa / psytrance sound. This11-track release on Iboga Records is their 6 full-length and they continue to produce high-quality music. This album is best suited for the early morning progressive trance sessions.

Suntree – Face the Music

Suntree’s Face the Music on Iboga Records is a beautiful masterpiece of deep, uplifting and melodic trance. This is the third full-length from the Israeli artist, and arguably the best. It’s easy listening psychedelic music that can be played at home and on the dance floor.

Egon’s Embrace – A Little Larger Than The Entire Universe

For fans of darker psytrance, Egon’s Embrace released a fantastic album on Sangoma Records earlier thisyear. The 9 track LP balances melodic, dreamy yet dark electronic psychedelic atmospheres.

Parvati Records: V/A Attitude Adjustment 3

For the forest psy lovers, Parvati has put together the final instalment of their Attitude Adjustment series. The VA features 12 tracks from the likes of HypoGeo, Vertical, Krapul and more. It’s dark and twisted – definitely something that would smash a dance floor.

Ten Madison – Borealis

This psychedelic downtempo album from Ten Madison is perfect to listen to while working or at after party sessions. It’s a sonic experience that’s beautifully trippy and dreamy. A great release from Iono-Lounge. Love listening to this wearing a pair of headphones!

Sundial Aeon – Synthesis

We’re ending the list off with a more chillout, ambient project called Sundial Aeon from Poland. This 10-track album features some great acidic 303 sounds, beautiful pads and synths and a psychedelic beat that takes you away. It’s the groups 12th full-length album, and their whole discography is worth digging through.

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