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Best Laptop Stands For Musicians

A laptop stand might be an afterthought, but it can be incredibly useful in your music studio, for live streams and gigging at events. It will help secure your laptop and keep it out the way.

If you’re a musician or DJ, you’ll definitely want a laptop stand that has a bit of portability. If you’re mainly using it in your studio or for live streams, you can get away with something that is fixed and stable.

Pyle Pro DJ Laptop Stand – Best Laptop Stand Under $50

The Pyle Pro DJ Laptop Stand is a suitable budget option for most users who want something to use in the studio or on stage. It’s has sturdy construction and features an adjustable stand on a tripod mount. At under $40, you can’t really go wrong with this.

Roost Laptop Stand – Best Laptop Stand Under $100

Made in the USA and initially launched on a crowdfunding platform, Roost pride themselves in engineering high quality products. The Roost Laptop Stand is built strong and can hold most laptops of all shapes and sizes.

Ultimate Support Hyperstation – Best Laptop Stand Under $150

If you’re looking for extended flexbility, the Ultimate Support Hyperstation is one of the best laptop stands that we could find. It’s perfect for both the touring DJ and working in the studio. It features angle-adjustable telescoping support arms that support laptops, small mixers, groove production electronics, drum pad controllers, and more. Even better, it can fold flat and fit in your backpack.

Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand

If you need a tall standalone laptop stand, the Samson LTS50 has a sturdy tripod leg design that is compactable enough to be used on-the-go. The stand can be fixed to a height between 30 and 47 inches. This is a super versatile laptop stand that can be used for musicians and DJs alike.

Crane Elevate Laptop Stand

While it’s hard to find stock, the Crane Elevate Laptop Stand has been a firm favourite. It’s built very well, is light, and can be configured in a C or Z shape. If you have a Macbook 13″, look elsewhere, as this has been reported to scratch the back of the laptop.

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