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Best kitchen tools for making cannabis edibles

Eating cannabis edibles is far healthier than smoking. They can be a lot of fun to make and eat, too.

If you’re looking to step up your cannabis edibles game, here are some of the best kitchen tools to make cannaoil, cannabutter, gelatine-based edibles and more.

These kitchen tools are appropriate for rookies and pros alike. Since they are much easier to use, you can make the perfect edibles using simple extraction methods that work.

In order to make recipes accurately, you should invest in a food scale. This is the only practical method for accurate and consistent measurements. It makes the baking process much easier!

This is one of the best oil infusers available on the market – no doubt. It’s able to infuse oil, butter and honey with herbs, fruits and more. The Levo II can dry, activate and infuse your butter and oil without any technical knowledge. Turn it on, and that’s about it!
A much cheaper option and popular with cannabis edible consumers, the Magical Butter Machine will allow you to automatically grind and stir your flower without burning it. At just under $200, this is still quite a large investment, but the time saving factor is massive.

At around $120, this is a much cheaper option that is popular with many consumers. It can make oils, tinctures and gummies. There are default settings that make this fool-proof. Literally just set-and-forget the device and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for something on the lower end of the price spectrum, this is it. For a slightly lower cost, it’ll still make all your favorite edibles, while still including the necessary decarb feature.

At around $350, the Ardent FX is quite an expensive device. However, it’s portability allows you to infuse and bake cannabis at home or at a friend. It does the entire process – from decarbing, to infusing and baking takes place in the device. However, you’re also welcome to bake in an oven. Overall, this is a great device for more professional users.

If you’re making edibles (especially gelatine-based), you’ll want proper silicone molds to measure out dosages. There’s a wide variety of shapes and sizes available, including gummy bears, cannabis leaf, tropical gummy molds and more.
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