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Best CBD Oil Sprays


If you need a quick way for CBD to enter your body, then CBD sprays might be just for you. It’s likely to work faster than capsules or edibles as it directly enters your bloodstream via the vessels under your tongue. It’s a heck of a lot easier to take than a tincture too!

CBD oil sprays have many different use-cases and can be taken orally or even applied directly to the skin. A CBD spray simply involves pressing the top part to release a controlled amount of CBD. It’s a fantastic method of consumption if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks.

If you’ve tried a CBD tincture (with a dropper like eye drops), but can’t get the hang of it, or tend to be a clumsy person, then a CBD spray is really a fool-proof method. There’s no need to measure out your dosage or worry about leaks from not closing the bottle properly.

How does CBD spray work?

CBD spray is becoming a popular method for people who don’t like to swallow capsules or make use of an eye dropper. A CBD spray simply requires you to pump a spray into your mouth. It really takes just a second! If you’re worried about the taste, many CBD sprays come in flavoured versions too.

Africanpure CBD Mouth Spray 600mg – 15ml

Africanpure are one of the leading CBD brands in South Africa. Their CBD mouth spray comes in strawberry lemon flavour and is intended for easy and convenient use.

It can be taken at a restaurant or in a public setting without anyone knowing. Just take 3 sprays a day, either at once or spaced out throughout the day. Each spray contains about 30 days of supply.

fourfiveCBD 1000mg Oil Value Bundle

If you’re looking for fantastic value or a sportsman who needs a THC-free product, look no further than this fantastic deal from fourfiveCBD.

They have put together a 2x bundle of their 1000mg CBD oil spray, which come in either natural or orange flavour. It’s a great solution if you’re regularly working out and need recovery for the next day.

Elixinol Hemp Oil Liposomes

Elixinol South Africa have recently launched a range of new CBD oil sprays that come in three flavours – including coconut, lime and orange.

It’s sweetened with Stevia and has a great taste. This should last about 60 servings in total. Each one comes in a spill-proof bottle, with 5mg of CBD per serving.

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