Mark Young is DJ Beardy. The DJ, label manager and more recently producer will play in Cape Town for the first time this weekend at Earthdance Cape Town 2013. DJ Beardy will take over from the Prayer for Peace, showcasing the Wildthings Records sound he has brought to festivals like Glastonbury Festival, Glade Festival, Boom FestivalUniverso Paralello and Hadra Festival. Expect 147-148BPM tweaky, psychedelic monsters!

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Psymedia : Hey Beardy Tell me a little bit about yourself, and how you got involved with Psytrance?

Beardy : I got involved in Psytrance from living in London for 20 years and enjoying the tuning in from the 90’s with Matsuri, Flying Rhino and Tip Records to name a few. I was also lucky enough to go to India and visit Goa in ’94 for 6 months and experience the scene, a truly far out encounter.

Psymedia : Tell me about the formation of Wildthings Records, and the sound of a typical Wildthings artist?

Beardy : Wildthings started life as an organization in 2002 doing underground parties. Alex (EVP), Kelton (Hoodwink), Leon (Avalon) and Nick and Dan (Error Corrective) were all writing music and hadn’t released anything. I wasn’t writing music at the time, I was DJing and had time on my hands and wanted to release their music, so Wildthings Records began. Alex got much more involved and is my label partner and here we are now on our soon to be 19th release.

With regards to the sound of a typical Wildthings artist, it is always a hard question to answer. Our artist’s sounds are being referred to as ‘UK style psychedelic’. It’s a bit vague I know, but it seems to be fitting. It’s an upbeat grooving psychedelic assortment, of acidic sounds and weirdness, a style that has evolved and hopefully inspired over the years.

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Psymedia : What do you look for when signing an artist?

Beardy : Music I like, written by someone I can see potential in. Dedication and longevity towards audio is a must for us. We don’t sign many people, only the ones that we think really hit the spot, like our last signing Southwild. He’s been the first new Wildthings family member in years. He rocks!

Psymedia : What’s the UK Psytrance scene like at the moment, and how has it changed since you became involved?

Beardy : London is a morphing scene. When the smoking ban came in that had a profound effect on the clubs and the parties went mainly underground. They were fantastic for many years. Awesome vibes and venues such as warehouses, arches, churches. But over the past few years I haven’t been going out so much in London. The buzz had changed a little I thought (going through a morphing stage), but things are picking up and people are having fun, new ideas floating about by crews so I can imagine a huge revival before long.

Psymedia : Your debut album Squelch Monster was released last year. How did it feel releasing your own album, after being a DJ and label owner for so many years?

Beardy : It was fun and great to get going. I mean the quality had to be as good as my favorite artists as I wanted to mix them all up. It took years to get it near. We thought the level was close enough so the Squelch Monster was unleashed into the wild.

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Psymedia : This will be your first time in South Africa. What have you heard about our scene and what can the dance floor expect from your set?

Beardy : Well I hear you like to party! So it shall be. I hope you enjoy the music. It will mainly be new Wildthings stuff with a tasty collection of friends and allies tracks mixed in for good measure. It will start at about 147BPM and hover at about 148BPM. Gonna blast! I expect to see some serious dance moves!

Psymedia : Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

Beardy : Seeing as you mentioned it. The next release is by our Japanese artist Neutral Motion, his album is out in November. Then we will have album releases from RealityGrid, EVP and Southwildand some EPs from Southwild, Beardy Weardy and HoodwinkWell, they are all pretty much ready to go in the next 6 months, always more coming! You can join our Facebook page (love it or hate it), you’ll get all the updates and links.

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Psymedia : Thanks for the interview. See you at Earthdance Cape Town 2013! Any last words before we finish off?

Beardy : Prepare for take off!