Emilia Ortego

Emilia is a Spanish freelancer who enjoys travel, learning about different cultures and believes that life is a beautiful, colourful celebration. Beside that, Emilia believes in holistic approaches and emphasises on the importance of a balanced mind, body and soul especially during this difficult time that we are faced with.

Weed leaf

Weed Tolerance Break

Have you made the decision to take a weed tolerance break? Here are some of the best tips to deal with the process.

A small piece of hash with cannabis

What is hash?

Heard of hash but not exactly sure what this cannabis extract is? Learn about the history and different types of hashish!

Cannabis Brownies

How to make weed brownies

Looking for the best weed brownies recipe? Look no further – these will taste great AND get you stoned!

How to Make Cannabutter

How To Make Cannabutter

Edibles always sound like a fun and exciting idea to make but people sometimes get put off by the process of actually making the cannabis butter.