Israeli artist Tamir Ozana is back in South Africa this weekend to represent his projects Atomic Pulse and Strike Twice. After two sets in Johannesburg this weekend, at Twilight Open Air Festival 2013, he will jet off to Cape Town to join us the following weekend at Zone Festival 2013, alongside another Israeli, Iliuchina.

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– The following questions were compiled on behalf of Psymedia by Evan Greenblo.

Psymedia : Hey Tamir! Tell me about your introduction to Psytrance, completing your degree as a sound engineer, and working with Astrix in your early years?

Atomic Pulse : I came across Psytrance when I was 15 years old. Back in those days, I used to DJ at a club, playing genres such as dance, house, and local music. It was a totally different kind of music, and for a much younger crowd. My first taste of Psytrance was so magical and cosmic, I changed my style of music and started collecting Psytrance. Through the years of being a DJ, I realised my real dream was to make my own music. I learnt how to make music from some of the artists I knew, and at the same time was studying a degree in Sound Engineering. When I graduated at the age of 21, I built my first studio after long, hard work. It took six months. Back then, the computers and software available were not as good as today, so making music was very hard work. Astrix was a friend of mine from many years before, and we used to DJ together back then. After finishing my studio, Astrix joined me and we started working on some music together. From there the music reached many places around the globe, and pushed me do what I really love and dream about.

Psymedia : How has your sound evolved throughout the years?

Atomic Pulse : Atomic Pulse began as a Progressive Psy project, but back then Progressive was very small and new, like Full On. I didn’t really know which direction I wanted to go. In the end, I decided to make Full On Psytrance, with distinct psychedelic sounds. That was in the beginning, and through the years it has become more melodic and epic. Today, Atomic Pulse is more mature and serious, psychedelic driven, with quality production.

Psymedia : Tell me about joining the Planet B.E.N team? How did you get in touch?

Atomic Pulse : I joined Planet B.E.N after Thomas, the owner, offered me a place on the Plasquam division and Planet B.E.N roster. I agreed, and we have been working together for four years now. By the end of this year, we will announce the release of the next Atomic Pulse album, which will be released on Planet B.E.N.

Psymedia : How was Zoo Music formed?

Atomic Pulse : Zoo Music came into life after BNE/YoYo Records closed. After so many years in the industry, I thought it’s about time I started my own label, with the taste and sound that I like and believe in. Zoo Music was started to show a different side of Full On in Israel.

Psymedia : The label is still relatively new. What’s it been like being head of a label?

Atomic Pulse : The label is new but with a very experienced crew. Being head of the label is pretty much doing what I did for Atomic Pulse, just for more artists. We do things a bit differently: mixing and producing the music of the artists, making numerous remixes for new releases, and all in a very family-like way.

Psymedia : Why did you decide to release most of Zoo Music releases direct off the website?

Atomic Pulse : The decision was to give the crowd and fans of Zoo Music a cheaper way to buy the music, without paying more than what is necessary. Today selling physical CDs is very hard and expensive. The digital way is much cheaper and reaches more people around the globe.

Psymedia : What do you look for in signing new artists?

Atomic Pulse : We look for someone who has a unique sound. The production quality is not as important as the uniqueness of the sound and style. Our own taste is a factor as well, of course.

Psymedia : You used to produce under the alias Building Peaks alongside Micha Yossef, and then resurfaced together under the alias Strike Twice. How would you describe the sound of Strike Twice?

Atomic Pulse : Working with Micha was very good because we are very good friends outside of the music world. Building Peaks was just a start for what we did after Strike Twice. The sound for me is low BPM Psytrance, with no big melodies or breaks, and with a lot of the festival music taste. It is very much a serious and strong style that I really love.

Psymedia : Tell me about your side project AtomiCulture?

Atomic Pulse : AtomiCulture is a project started in 2005 by myself alongside Nate Raubenheimer (Protoculture). The project started with a Full On style and melodic touch. We had many releases around the globe, before putting our album on Zoo Music. In the last two years, AtomiCulture is just me, and the style has changed to Progressive Psy. I am currently working on the second album.

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Psymedia : This won’t be your first time in South Africa. What have you heard about our scene [in recent years], and what was your experience like last time?

Atomic Pulse : Yes, I have been to South Africa many times in the last few years. I have heard only good things about the scene in South Africa from many artists and friends. I know that the crowd in South Africa is very happy and magical from when I have previously played in the country. The last time I visited South Africa I performed at Origin Festival in Cape Town. The experience and memories are still with me. South Africa is one of my favourites, if not my favourite place on the globe.

Psymedia : What direction will the 7th album take?

Atomic Pulse : The new album will be more psychedelic and back to the roots of the day production and style. But still, it will be and always remain a Full On project. I believe that my style and originality will be evident, coupled with up-to-date production technology. The seventh album is planned for early 2014.

Psymedia : Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

Atomic Pulse : Super Natural is a new project which will soon have some music out on Veleno Records (Italy). I’ve been a part of this project since 2013, and we will soon finish the new album. Stay tuned to Veleno Records and Zoo Music.

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview! See you at Zone Festival 2013! Anything to add before we finish off?

Atomic Pulse : Thank you for the interview, and I hope to see you all on the dance floor at Zone Festival 2013 and Twilight Open Air Festival 2013! It’s going to be wild!