Yestermorrow is a prominent name in the psytrance world, a duo composed of Francisco Oliveira, who is known as KIN, and Ivan Pereira, associated with multiple musical projects such as Atomizers, Ankh, Boundless, Holophonik, and Techyon. These artists share a history of performances at global festivals such as Boom Festival, Universo Paralello, and Antaris Project. Their shared passion for music and a longstanding friendship drove them to merge their diverse music styles and birth Yestermorrow, essentially combining their varied musical timelines into a unified entity.

The duo’s journey in the music scene has seen them make significant impacts, performing at celebrated events and festivals. Ivan, while discussing their music production, mentioned blending self-taught methods with formal education. A crucial transformative moment was the Boom Festival in 2000, which inspired Ivan to create and connect with others through music. Their unique sound emerges from integrating technology with creativity, and they often craft multiple versions of their tracks, ensuring an authentic studio ambiance. Prioritizing the quality of their releases over quantity has enhanced their global bookings and audience reach. These efforts trace back to their Holophonik project and later, their collaboration with Techyon.

Moreover, Yestermorrow has been involved in collaborative projects with other prominent artists, like Ticon, Zen Mechanics, Sonic Species, Grouch, and Relativ.

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