DJ Thatha, an emblematic figure in the realm of PsyTrance, has carved a niche for herself with her exceptional talent and profound musical expressions. Beginning her journey in the Brazilian underground scene in 1999, Thatha quickly showcased her flair for mixing vinyl and honed her DJing skills. Her early days were marked by a fervent passion for music, which soon transitioned into a new realm: music production.

It was under this umbrella that ‘Altruism’ was birthed, a musical project that would go on to define her legacy in the PsyTrance community. The project’s immense success was undeniable, highlighted by the 2010 compilation “Magic Mirror” that clinched a spot in Beatport’s top ten rankings. This meteoric rise was only further cemented when Thatha collaborated with Nano Records in 2011. Under their banner, she consistently released singles and EPs that reverberated with fans and fellow artists alike.

As a testament to her influence and reach, DJ Thatha has graced stages at some of the world’s most celebrated PsyTrance festivals and clubs. Her performances are a mesmerizing blend of harmony, versatility, and impeccable technical acumen, leaving audiences spellbound. Those fortunate enough to witness her live recount the magnetism of her sets, which effortlessly draw dancefloors into her rhythmic embrace. Some of her notable festival appearances include the likes of Boom, Ozora, Vuuv, Universo Paralello, Fusion, and numerous others.

Over the years, Thatha has not just been recognized for her musical abilities but also for the charm and charisma she brings to every performance. Today, she stands as a cherished icon in the global psytrance community, embodying the spirit and essence of the genre.

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