Loopus In Fabula

The fabric of modern electronic music is a kaleidoscopic tapestry of genres, influences, and innovations. Among the tapestry’s most vibrant threads is Loopus in Fabula, an Italian duo that has carved out a unique niche in the psychedelic trance (psytrance) community. Consisting of Matteo Stroppa and Jacoppo Barbaccia, this Milan-based pair has been sculpting auditory experiences that defy easy categorization since their inception in 1997.

The duo’s initial creative foray was rooted in electro-jazz, reflecting Matteo’s more than a decade-long musicianship in that realm. However, as the calendar turned to 1998—and then 1999—their musical philosophy took a seismic shift toward trance. This transition wasn’t just a mere change of genre; it was a fusion that took the complexity and subtlety of jazz and married it with the ethereal cadence of trance music.

Loopus in Fabula has graced the world with several album releases, showcasing their artistic evolution. They kicked off their album catalog with their self-titled debut in 2002 under Demon Tea Records. Further enriching the musical landscape were ‘Astrofunk’ in 2003 and ‘Fat Ladies Bingo’ in 2006, released on their own label, Fabularecords. Their discography also extends to 2010’s ‘Fizzy Beats’, a testament to their persistent drive for innovation. Most recently, in July 2023, they launched their ninth album, “Music for Time-Traveling Cats” to much anticipation, reaffirming their commitment to continuous growth.

Loopus in Fabula’s musical idiom, dubbed as “funkedelic,” is a pulsating blend of psytrance and funky disco. This harmonious concoction includes a dash of electro, a splash of progressive beats, a sprinkle of jazz, and even elements of circus music. Their live sets encapsulate this freewheeling energy, often described as relaxed and funky. These settings are ideal for early nights, sunny mornings outdoors, or any quirky club where an aura of jubilance prevails.

Their global impact is palpable, transcending borders and filling up dance floors from Italy to Israel. They have set their beats echoing through festivals like Boom in Portugal, Rainbow Serpent in Australia, Gaian Mind in the USA, Universo Parallelo in Brazil, and many more. Their 2023 summer tour is as ambitious as their music, featuring performances at festivals such as Atlas Festival in Italy and Waha Festival in Romania.

With their most recent album and a plethora of international performances, Loopus in Fabula shows no sign of slowing down. Their continued dedication to redefining the boundaries of electronic music is a true testament to their artistic resilience. By interweaving varied influences into their unique “funkedelic” style, they have created a timeless narrative that invites fans old and new to partake in their visionary journey.

So, whether it’s the allure of a sun-kissed morning on a festival dance floor or the enchantment of a peculiar club night, Loopus in Fabula provides a transcendent experience, making their mark as an essential chapter in the ever-evolving story of electronic music.

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