Liquid Soul

Nicola Capobianco, more widely recognized as Liquid Soul, stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of electronic music. Born in Switzerland, his affection for the entrancing sounds of electronica beckoned him towards the DJ decks in 1993. This initial foray into the realm of music was only the beginning. Over the years, Nicola evolved from a budding DJ into a full-fledged music producer, honing his signature style and leaving a lasting mark on the electronic scene.

As the new millennium approached, Capobianco ventured into the vibrant landscapes of psychedelic trance, laying the foundation for what would become his most celebrated project: LIQUID SOUL. This project distinguished itself with a fusion of soul-stirring melodies and the intense rhythms of Psychedelic Trance. Such a distinctive sound didn’t go unnoticed. In a partnership with IBOGA Records, Liquid Soul graced the trance community with masterpieces like “Synthetic Vibes,” “Love in Stereo,” “Cocktails,” and “Revolution.” Each of these albums garnered widespread appreciation, reaffirming his position as a musical virtuoso.

LIQUID SOUL’s resonance with the global audience didn’t just stop at album releases. His commitment and prowess led him to bag esteemed recognitions such as the DJ Awards in Ibiza and multiple Beatport awards. He wasn’t just content with producing and performing; his passion drove him to co-found “Psy-Nation Radio” alongside Ace Ventura, further enriching the psychedelic music sphere.

In the bustling world of electronic music, where genres and artists continuously ebb and flow, Nicola, with his LIQUID SOUL avatar, has remained a constant. A consistent fixture in global events, his performances at elite festivals and clubs worldwide draw legions of fans. With every beat and melody, Liquid Soul tells a story, captivating listeners and guiding them through an auditory journey. As days turn into nights and nights into dawns, the horizon is luminous with possibilities for this influential artist.

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