Fungus Funk

Fungus Funk

Fungus Funk, whose real name is Sergei (or Sergey) Prilepa, is a notable figure hailing from Moscow in the psytrance music scene. He embarked on his musical journey into the world of psytrance in 1998. However, it was in 2001 that he formally adopted the moniker “Fungus Funk” and commenced releasing tracks that would eventually catapult him to global recognition.

His musical style is a captivating blend of groovy basslines, aggressive synths, and an enveloping psychedelic ambiance. Fungus Funk’s adept sequencing abilities have enabled him to venture and innovate across different psytrance sub-genres, ensuring that his listeners are always treated to a unique psychedelic journey.

Among his notable releases, his debut album “F People” stands out. Released on Acidance Records, it achieved global acclaim for its seamless blend of nighttime and morning vibes. His collaboration with Russian artist Samadhi led to the release of the album “Vostok 1,” further solidifying his reputation within the psytrance community. This upward trajectory continued with the release of “Electric Grooves” in 2010, which continued to attract admiration from fans and critics alike. Throughout his career, Fungus Funk has collaborated with renowned labels like Acidance, Discovalley, Deja Vu, and Crystal Matrix, among others.

Beyond the confines of the studio, Fungus Funk has showcased his music on the global stage. He has graced some of the most prestigious psytrance festivals, such as Boom, Sonica, Antaris, and Transcendence. His performances are not only a testament to his musical prowess but also his deep connection with the global psytrance community.

In more recent times, Sangoma Records released an EP by Fungus Funk titled “Grateful Funk,” which saw him collaborate with artists like HUJABOY, Rugrats Music, and Endeavour. Intriguingly, this EP pays tribute to Jerry Garcia and the iconic band, demonstrating Fungus Funk’s vast range of influences. Furthermore, since 2017, Fungus Funk has enjoyed an association with Sangoma Records, further expanding his footprint in the psytrance world.

In summation, Fungus Funk, with his blend of inventive music and electrifying live performances, remains a revered and influential figure in the global psytrance scene.

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