DJ Ipcress

DJ Ipcress, known in personal circles as Chris Williams, is a celebrated artist in the UK music scene, a dynamic realm known for its ability to embrace and amplify diverse talents. DJ Ipcress’s journey in electronic music is a testament to his passion, vision, and unyielding dedication to the genre.

Beginning his journey in London during the mid-2000s warehouse parties, DJ Ipcress soon ascended to prominence, with his music echoing through various iconic locations from Brighton to Cape Town, Midlands to London. An artist of many layers, he has performed at internationally acclaimed festivals such as Waterbear, Noisily Festival 2023, Sungazer Festival 2022, Eclipse 2012 in Australia, Glade in the UK, Aurora in Greece, and even the legendary Glastonbury. His performances have not been limited to the UK alone but have reached audiences across continents.

The heart of his music is a genre-blending fusion. While he delves into chilled electronica, techno, and progressive trance, his distinct sound is heavily influenced by his psychedelic music background. The result? A masterful blend of contemporary techno’s pulsating basslines with the captivating, layered melodic structures often associated with the psychedelic realm. This versatility allows him to curate a unique and psychedelic musical journey, leaving listeners entranced and yearning for more.

Beyond his solo achievements, DJ Ipcress’s collaborative efforts also deserve special mention. His partnership with Ben Coda led to the formation of Nanoplex, a live project that amalgamates the best of both artists. While Ben Coda infuses tough beats blended with melodies, DJ Ipcress contributes his signature dark-edged techno. Together, they’ve sculpted a sleek future techno sound, resulting in three albums and multiple EPs released under Iboga Records. Their collaboration under Nanoplex has been well-received, solidifying their reputation as UK progressive techno pioneers.

Outside of music, DJ Ipcress’s passion extends to the broader electronic music community. His commitment was evident when he took on the responsibility of managing marketing for the Noisily Festival. During the challenging pandemic times, he initiated a drive-in cinema project and orchestrated successful fundraising drives to aid Noisily’s survival. This is a testament to his dedication to not only his craft but the community as a whole.

Interestingly, the name “DJ Ipcress” was inspired by ‘The Ipcress File’, a film that left a significant impact on him. The name first made its appearance on a UK psychedelic trance forum, giving an insight into the depth and history of his persona.

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