Modem Festival 2018 Photo Gallery

Momento Demento or Mo:dem Festival takes place near the town of Slunj. The festival is a week long dedicated to ecology, with the venue featuring much of Croatia’s natural eye-candy including 18th century windmills and waterfalls. This year’s edition is sold out proving its popularity.


12 psychedelic looking places to visit

At psychedelic festivals and events we love the decor and art exhibitions. However, some of the most thrilling spectacles of all can be found in nature, and here’s 12 places that are naturally psychedelic Door to Hell in Derweze, Turkmenistan While drilling in 1971, Soviet geologists…


Roadblocks in South Africa and your Rights

We’ve all been there – you are headed home after a nice evening out with loved ones when, suddenly, flashing blue lights and a police officer orders you pull to the side of the road – roadblocks. Immediately, your palms start sweating, your heart rate increases and you become anxious. But you have basic rights and you are allowed to exercise them.


Best Yoga Apps for Android and iOS

Yoga is gaining traction around the world and is becoming one of the most popular activities for keeping your mental and physical in shape. It’s great before a festival, during a festival and after. The health benefits of yoga have been proven, from reducing weight,…