Cheap Travel Destinations 2019

Not everyone festival lover can spend a lot of money on overseas vacations every year. But perhaps you’ve finally saved up enough to take a trip. That’s why we’ve put together some of the cheapest holiday destinations for 2019 where you can find psytrance festivals…


Best Psytrance Festivals

The world’s best psytrance festivals include the likes of Boom Festival, HillTop, Vortex Open Source, Ozora Festival, Rainbow Serpent, Universo Paralello, Momento Demento and dozens more across the continents of Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia. Wherever you go in the world, a psytrance festival can be found to suit your particular experience and travel needs.


Best Psytrance Releases 2018

With progressive music slowing down and producers ditching it for more psychedelic styles, the genre is going through a relatively meteoric rise; a renaissance if you will. However, make no mistake that the artists featured here in the best of 2018 list are some of the best psytrance artists around. Are you ready to find out the best releases of the year?