With a couple years dormant, the team of Archive & Strain (aka ARCHAIN) have returned with a slick “Shake & Bake 2017 Mix”, packed full psychedelic groove, chunky bass-lines, and euphoric tweaking’s, all guaranteed to get the mind moving and feet tapping. A fresh 1 hour mix full of warm morning frequencies, and it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD…enjoy and play it loud!!


  1. Hujaboy Vs Principles of Flight – Black Pearl [Zero One Music, June 2016]
  2. Perplex Vs Effective – Mantera [FinePlay Records, September 2015]
  3. The Commercial Hippies Vs Ital – The Race [Antu Records, June 2016]
  4. Avalon Vs Mad Maxx – The Ritual (Shivatree Rmx) [United Beats Records, April 2016]
  5. Menog Vs KIN – Magical Borderland [Nano Records, October 2016]
  6. Burn In Noise Vs Shekinah Vs Earthspace – Loco [Nano Records, April 2016]
  7. Moaiact – Mystical Gu Gu [Nataraja Records, July 2016]
  8. Mental Broadcast Vs Eclipse Echoes – Ancient Culture [24/7 Records, October 2016]
  9. Koi Boi – The Matrix [United Beats Records, April 2016]
  10. Earthling – Breakfast of Champions (feat. Tron) [Zero One Music, January 2016]