After recently signing with legendary Swiss label, Fractal Records, the duo of Archain (aka Archive & Strain) mark this occasion with a slick 1 hour exclusive mix featuring some of their more frequently played tracks from last season, along with some fresh Fractal goodness thrown in for added spice. It’s a FREE DOWNLOAD, as a small thank you to everyone for the continued support. Make sure to look for chunks! Buy original, be Fractal!


  1. Z3ro feat. Locked Locker – The Resistance (FRACTAL RECORDS)
  2. Bunker Jack Vs Spector – The Edge (REPLICANT RECORDS)
  3. Juggling Vs Kodra – Focus (POPOL VUH RECORDS)
  4. Konnektor Vs Audialize – Afterlife (WOORPZ RECORDS)
  5. Shuumat vs Orca – That’s Freedom (FRACTAL RECORDS)
  6. Psysex (Earthling rmx) – Simply a Machine (ZERO ONE MUSIC)
  7. Chromatone – El Es Deep (NANO RECORDS)
  8. Brain Driver Vs Disco Volante – Disco Driver (FRACTAL)
  9. Abomination – Return to X (MECHANIK RECORDS)
  10. Earworm Vs Audialize – Mirage of Life (FRACTAL RECORDS)