Archain delivers new Chicken Wing It Mix

Some moons have passed since their last mix session, and the psychedelic duo of Archive & Strain have returned with another 1 hour exclusive 2017 mix for Psymedia, up for FREE DOWNLOAD, and packed full of delicious psychedelic treats to get those feet tapping and the mind waves moving.

Delving a little deeper into the more unpredictable psychedelic realms, but never failing to maintain that groovatious uplifting Fullon flavour. The Chicken Wing It Mix…it’s brain licking good!


  1. Chromatone, Braincell, Obliviant, Ninesense – Forever Reality [Zero One Music, May 2017]
  2. Altus – Audio Android [Mutagen Records, April 2017]
  3. Algorika – Buri Buri[Grasshopper Records, Jan 2017]
  4. James West – Late Night Tales [Nano Records, April 2017]
  5. Earthling – Computer Genesis (Ninesense Remix) [Zero One Music, May 2017]
  6. Earthspace – No Rest For the Blast [Nano Records, May 2017]
  7. Tristan Vs Outsiders – Liquid Sky [Sacred Technology, September 2017]
  8. GMS Vs Alien Project – Artificial Beings (Plasmotek Remix) [Spiral Trax, February 2017]
  9. Tron Vs Everblast – Year Of The Duck (Chameleon Remix) [Maharetta Records, May 2017]
  10. Everblast – Ping Machine (Illumination Remix) [Zero One Music, August 2017]

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