Anestetic aka Joao Trindade, signed to both Timecode Records & One Foot Groove, has agreed to be the first of many to feature in our new Interviews category on Psymedia where we will be going behind the scenes with some of the best of the best in the psy scene, both local and international!

 – The following questions were compiled by Evan Greenblo.

Psymedia: Welcome back to South Africa! You played your first set at Vortex Let There Be Light V3 and you’ll be here for the rest of the month for some clubs shows, Revolution NYE Festival and Rezonance NYE Festival 2011/2012. How was your set at Vortex, and what draws you to South Africa and an extended stay?

Anestetic: Thank you. I’m very happy to be back; my set at Vortex was amazing and very emotional for me. I love to come down to South Africa because I have lots of friends here and, over the years, it has become a second home to me. I love the culture, people, music and the trance scene here.

Psymedia: I believe you lived here [South Africa] for quite some time? Is there anything specific to our Psy scene that you and others (outside South Africa) greatly appreciate?

Anestetic: I did live in South Africa when I was younger as I did in several African countries. My parents travelled a lot while working and I had to tag along. My love for Africa started at a very tender age and keeps getting bigger by the day. There is so much me and many of my overseas friends love about the South African trance scene and country itself. Amazing people, fantastic venues, professional and friendly promoters, music (South Africa is an icon of trance music worldwide and influenced an infinite number of producers all over the world), I feel as much at home here as I do in my own country. I believe what makes the trance scene in South Africa special is the fact that there are few outside influences and to be honest I don’t think there is anything you can learn from other trance scenes. Each one is unique in its own way and the scene here is just about as good as it gets.

Psymedia: How did you get involved in Psytrance?

Anestetic: I started my DJ career around 2000. Initially I has involved in the Techno scene playing in clubs around Lisbon. One day like most people a friend suggested an outdoor trance party and we all went. At the time trance DJ’s were playing with mini disc and that, something that intrigued me because in the techno scene we were very much records only. I did enjoy the music, people and the fact that at the time there were only 2 promoters in Portugal (Good Mood that only made 1 event a month on full moon which I got involved in later, and Hypnose more techno orientated with kick ass events as well.) so started going to outdoor trance events more often. From that to start playing there it was a small step.

Psymedia: Do you prefer a night or day set? How does your music selection differ for the two?

Anestetic: I prefer a day set because you get to see people on the dance floor better and there is as certain charm to it. That said,I love to play either night or day.

As far as music selection is concerned, it depends on the artists I have playing before and after me; it also has a lot to do with the mood of the dance floor. I love to spend a few hours on the dance floor before I play, getting a feel for the crowd and what gets them moving.

Psymedia: You’ve been DJing for a handful of years but released your first compilation Kartuxo through Timecode Records last year. Was there any reason or obstacle as to why there was such a delay in material?

Anestetic: No. I don’t push myself onto people; therefore it was only a matter of getting an invitation to make a compilation. Also I wanted to release the compilation on a renowned label and Timecode was the obvious choice. My second compilation is in progress…

Psymedia: Could you tell me more about your upcoming compilation?

Anestetic: Well it will be released on Timecode Records early 2012, the name I chose is Uruburus which is a synonym for phoenix and it aims to celebrate the rebirth of Timecode now managed by my good friend Till Daksinamurti. There will be several artists involved some come from Europe and some from South Africa, it’s a mix of artists that I have had the pleasure to perform with the last few years. Would tell you more about it but it’s still under construction.

Psymedia: Kartuxo featured two other Portuguese DJ’s Tryambaka and D_Maniac. I was fortunate enough to witness their amazing sets. Did you convince them to come down? Think you can do it again?

Anestetic: Tiago (Tryambaka) and Manuel (D_Maniac) are very good friends of mine – we have known each other for several years now. I had a little to do with Tryambaka’s bookings in South Africa – first with Alien Safari and next with Beartrap.

As far as Manuel is concerned, I had everything to do with that, organizing the bookings with my good friends Colin and Liza (Alien Safari), having him stay over at my flat while in Cape Town. Can I do it again? Sure. As soon as there is interest I’m positive we can get them down. There have been some conversations regarding that and I’m sure they will be back in Cape Town soon.

Psymedia: I noticed you have a connection with Swing Music Agency but couldn’t find much information. Could you tell me a little about it?

Anestetic: Swing Music Agency was one of the first trance related projects I was involved, the aim at the time was to create a professional connection between artists and promoters all over the world. It was a great experience in which I learned a lot. However with my responsibilities at Boom Festival growing bigger and One Foot Groove record label I dropped Swing Music Agency and most of the artists involved in that project migrated to One Foot Groove.

Psymedia: What’s your involvement with Boom Festival?

Anestetic: I handle Artist Management at Boom Festival. We take care of everything regarding the artists and their guests, travel arrangements, contracts, payments and logistics like equipment and so on.Artist’s selection is a different area of the festival all together. We manage all the artists after they have been selected, but the selection process is a mix of recommendations from many artists that travel the world, friends and event organizers.  There is a group of Boom music curators that get input from different sources that span from trance to bass music or world music. Plus, at Boom we listen carefully to all demos and applications we receive, some artists are booked because the Boom team enjoys the demos. We also have people in several events threw out the world that will let us know of artists they have enjoyed performing. If a name shows up in several recommendations it is more likely to be booked, the gaps that need to be filled in the lineup also play a big part on the latter stages of the selection process. Boom always focuses on upcoming artists and tries to showcase as much diversity as possible.

When I’m performing our attending party’s I always keep an eye out for artists I enjoy and email the rest of the crew about them. Then if they have been recommended by other people and there is a suitable slot in the lineup the booker will contact them.