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American poll reveals most won’t attend music festivals until coronavirus vaccine is found

In a recent poll conducted by Reuters, avid festival and live concert fans suggested they won’t be attending an event until a coronavirus vaccine is on the way, which could spell disaster for live attendance numbers in the future.

Only four out of 10 live event fans said they would be willing to return to their favourite hobbies such as festivals, music concerts, entertainment, arts & culture, amusement parks and more.

Willing to wait more than a year

Four out of 10 respondents in the poll said they would be willing to wait more than a year before attending another event. The rest were unsure of their answer.

As of writing, the United States has more than 1 million coronavirus infections. With a vaccine unlikely for the next 18 months, it’s doubtful we will see live events anytime again in the next year.

Many artists and festivals are turning to their online audience to stay afloat. Live streaming services have currently exploded, and Facebook is exploring the option of paid live streams too.

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