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africanpure CBD oil review

africanpure are primarily an online-based brand with a strong following. But are their CBD products any good and should you buy them?

If you’re a South African looking to try high-quality CBD oil in 2022, then look no further than africanpure CBD oil. Founded in 2019, they have cemented themselves as a popular choice for CBD users who shop online.

The africanpure CBD oil range is extensive and includes a number of products for you, CBD oil for your children and CBD oil for your pets. There’s an africanpure CBD product for just about everyone in your family!

About africanpure

We have tested out a number of products, and will briefly discuss some of our favourites below.

The easiest way to purchase africanpure CBD oil products is directly through their website. You might also find them at other online stores or physical locations, however from our experience delivery only takes 1 – 3 days through the online shop and they usually have the best deals.

First and foremost, it’s important to use a reliable CBD oil company, and africanpure ticks a number of boxes when searching for the best CBD brand in South Africa.

Best africanpure CBD products for you?


africanpure Balance 600mg – Best CBD Drops For Adults

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use CBD oil dropper, then we can highly recommend africanpure Balance 600mg. It uses broad spectrum CBD oil and has small traces of THC – however it won’t get you high. It can be used for a variety of ailments, every-day wellness and even for recovery after illness or operation. It is quite pricey at R745 for 1 bottle, however if you purchase 3 bottles you save R440 – which brings this down to only R1 per mg of CBD oil.

africanpure Plus Pain Cream 1000mg – Best CBD Cream

If you’re looking to relieve some serious ailments like shingles, arthritis and fibromyalgia, this topical cream really makes a difference. It’s perfect for severe neuropathic pain and inflammatory issues. It comes with the scent of menthol, which helps the skin feel cool and then warm.

africanpure Uplift Vape – Best Disposable CBD Vape

If you’re looking for the best CBD Vape and not sure what to buy, the africanpure Uplift Vape is so easy-to-use, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about!

The device comes fully charged and filled with CBD oil. You literally just have to start dragging on the end to get going! It comes in two different flavours, but we particuarly like the africanpure Uplift CBD Vape which is Lemon & Lime flavour.

Once you’re done with it (about 12 days), simply discard it in the bin and use another one! africanpure are currently running a special where you can purchased 2 CBD oil vapes for R500 – which is a great deal!


africanpure Junior 300mg CBD – Best CBD Oil For Kids

If you’re looking to get your kids on the wellness train or looking for something to assist with hyperactivity, stress or anxiety, africanpure Junior 300mg CBD might be the best CBD oil for kids. It comes in an easy dropper that can be placed under the tongue, added to meals or in a drink. Your kids will hardly notice it. It’s a much healthier solution than some pharmaceuticals – so why not give it a go?

africanpure Pets Plus 600mg CBD Oil – Best CBD Oil For Pets

This pets CBD oil can easily be added to your dog or cats meal everyday. The CBD oil will help with the overall health of your pet, and can also address certain ailments. If they are going through any pain or discomfort, this could help them.

If you’re looking out for the well-being of your animal, and want to try a product that’s fairly affordable, give africanpure Pets Plus CBD Oil a go – it’s the best CBD Oil for pets that we have found. africanpure uses CBD isolate – which means this contains only CBD and 0% THC.


If you’re based in South Africa and looking for a high-quality CBD oil product, then we can definitely recommend africanpure.

Some of their standout products include the Balance CBD 600mg, Plus Pain Cream 1000mg, Uplift Vape and Pets CBD 300mg. All of them can be purchased via their online website.

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